I’m a new blogger and welcome any advice I can get from this community.

I have conductive hearing loss in both ears and have been recommended for hearing aids. Aside from costs, I am confused as to which product works best.

I was suggested the Motion 300/500/700 cic (w ePen) or Cielo 2 cic.

Would anyone be able to share their experiences (from initial fitting to everyday usage)?

I work in a fairly quiet environment and would not want my hearing aid to give feedback.

I understand that cic’s come with a 1 yr warranty but my insurance provider only gives me a total benefit over 3 years. Are there any third party warranty providers? How about batteries? I was told I needed to change them every week?!

I am trying to balance clarity, dependability, functionality and minimizing total cost to own.

I suggest you try several brands, while siemens is good - there are some good mid price instruments. GN Xplore , Phonak Certena, Oticon Hit pro. Are reasonably price
and should do the trick.

CICs for a CONDUCTIVE loss???

If you have a major loss then CICs might not have the power needed.

PS Can you extend the thread title so we know what the topic is about - thanks.