Yo! Experts! I am new to this site and am looking for assistance. I have a life-long hearing loss in both ears, what I have heard referred to as a “cookie bite”. I am fine on the low end and high end (just slightly lower than normal) but dip immediately in between to a low of aboot 60db. Loss again after 6000 to aboot 40db. After being told some 30 years ago that hearing aids would do me no good I consigned myself to being deaf and gave up. After 29 years of wedded bliss my better half convinced me to reexamine the issue.

I have been told that I am a good candidate for the newer digital units and it has been suggested (through Hearing Planet) I start with a Phonak Versata. I have an appointment with another vendor (Costco) on Friday.

  1. Any suggestions aboot other things I ought to try,

  2. Things I need to avoid,

  3. People I should avoid

  4. Who can give me real suggestions on how I can deal with life if I don’t like hearing what y’all hear every day as I have not heard it before.

I am a practical joker, so you can be serious or yuk it up. Lord knows, everyone always assumed I was stupid.

Renderit -

And I thought I was a procrastinator!

A lot has happened in electronics in the past 5 or 10 years. Certainly, there has been tremendous change in hearing aids in the past 30. Hopefully, there are aids out there that will help your situation. I expect that, after you have tried some new aids, you will be saying “I should have done this years ago!”

Best of luck in your quest. Keep us posted.

They say there are. Now that true equalization has finally hit this segment of technology I can supposedly enjoy the fruits of invention that occurred 40 years ago. DSP technology which happened some 15 years ago, etc. I supposed in another 30 years someone will figure oot that lasers can automatically adjust one for perfect hearing on anybody with one fitting!

Renderit, my only suggestion is to stay away from chain brand hucksters, namely Audibel and Beltone.

Thanks. I will…