I am working in a hospital and an old lady’s hearing aid died. Her son wants to buy a new battery, but there are no identifying marks on the battery. The hearing aid says “oticon”, “ATI”, and A06559034. Any help in identifying this hearing aid and/or battery would be greatly appreciated.



guessing this is a custom made instrument…

I would do the following… take the batery out and take it to the pharmacy
it is perhaps a 312 or a 10

If it’s a large behind the ear aid, it could be a 675 - blue battery. About the diameter of a dime and thickness of a nickel.

If it’s a small aid that’s barely visible in the ear, it’s probably a 10 - yellow battery - pretty tiny.

The only other two sizes, noticeably different from the small 10 and large 675, are 312 brown and 13 orange. They appear to be the same diameter, but the 13 is slightly thicker.

If the aid fits in the ear, but fills some or all of the bowl of the ear, it’s likely a 312. If it’s a behind the ear aid that’s not tiny but not large either, it’s probably a 13 battery.

Take the battery out of the aid, take it to somewhere that sells hearing aid batteries (Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, K-Mart, any pharmacy).

Hold the old battery near the new ones and see which is the same size. There are only four types of hearing aid battery (there is a REALLY rare fifth size). Of those four sizes one is very big one is very small, and two are the same diameter but one is twice as thick as the other.

As long as the battery is a hearing aid battery and is physically the same size as the old battery it will work. They don’t have different voltages or any other weird issues. If it is the same size, it will work.

Did you even bother to read the first two replies?:confused: :rolleyes: Not to mention that with the timing of your help the poor lady’s been without the use of her aid for over a day now. :stuck_out_tongue: