I was fitted with my first set of hearing aids December 15th. I have many allergies and my ear started to puff up around the earmold making it very painfull. I went back last thursday and am now wearing a different kind of attachment with a dome that goes in my ear canal. My ear canal puffed up again and I had a hard time removing it last night from the one ear. Even though the dome is flexible it caused my ear canal to get scraped on the way out and bleed. Is there some type of hearing aid that doesn’t have to go in to the ear canal?

You need to get the hypo allergenic molds and tubes and hopefully it will solve your problem. My wife had the same problem and once they put on the new tubes her problem went away. Good luck!

You may also need to allow time for your ears to heal before trying again. I had an ear canal injured by an audiologist inserting a dome and it was several weeks before the canal was completely healed.

why didn’t you get the soft ear mold
there no pain at all easy take out and easy put in as comfortable.

You may be allergic to plastics, as I am. I fought a similar problem for months, trying a number of different molds a mold materials and dome materials, and reacted to all of them. In the end I went with gold plated ear molds with the hearing aid feeding in to them with tubes. This has worked for me, and have been wearing these aids a year now with no reactions to the ear pieces.

You can’t make an assessment like that without understanding that some people are allergic to the mold material … probably latex.

My sister in law died from minor surgery because the surgeon wore latex gloves.

My wife is also allergic to latex … serious issue.

it should be possible to get a coating for your hard earpiece as well. Titan/gold, if nothing else helps.

I’m sorry I haven’t figured out how to get in and out of this forum yet. I’m trying to reply to your replys. I’m expecting a call from my audiologist tomorrow,she has a call out to some manufactures with my problem. I will give her some of your suggestions. I also wanted to let you know that I did have soft earmolds and very soft domes, they were attached to Phonak Cassia aids and were quite comfortable until the reaction. I am allergic to laytex and I told the audiologist before getting my aids and she assured me that they were not laytex. I may also have a problem with gold as I can only wear 14K or higher earrings and only for a short time. Well hopefully they’ll come up with something. Again, thanks for your help.

Check into Titanium or ceramics. That is the material they use for medical implants due to it be non-reactive to human tissues. I have a piece of Titanium inside my ear from a surgery a few years ago.

Siemens can do a 24K gold plating on their ear molds. Expensive, but they work.

off topic a little… but if anyone ever has a knee or hip replacement be sure you are not allergic to nickel. wife knew she was but insurance made us pay for a metal test ($300) to prove she was. As expected she was (we got the $300 back) back.

Thanks again. I’m keeping track of all your suggestions.

Using Titanium should go fine as there is allergy with Gold as well in ruhearing’s case.

i kind of wish my wife was allergic to gold :smiley: