I’m working on a project that has to do with hearing aids and hearing health. I need a few participants to help me with a part of it, and if you’re willing to help I will reward you by buying and shipping a 1 years supply of hearing aid batteries to you, free of charge. If you’re willing to help please PM me.
Thanks everyone!

dear sir i am unable to get you . kindly tell me wht is this project what you need from us,regards

If you don’t want to sound like SPAM and some kind of rip-off artist, you might consider posting a lot more public information before asking people to PM you. Do you answer the PM’s asking for credit card information? Why would anyone post like this if not to try to fleece people. I would strongly suggest that everyone ignore this unless this person comes forward with a lot more information. Unless of course you have credit cards, money, etc. that you wish to part with or share with strangers on the web <rolling eyes>

Thanks for the input. I was hasty in posting the message, you are right. I am starting a message board that has to do with hearing health, and I need a few contributors. If you are willing to help and want to be rewarded, please contact me @ and I’ll let you know more.

This is genius, you are asking for help to start a message board on hearing health, on a message board for hearing?