I don’t know what to do I think i’ve losted my battery book for my hearing aid and the batteries for it and I don’t know what I can do about it if anyone has any advice on what I can do about this I would be grateful

Please if anyone can help me out I would be grateful as I’m worried that my battery is going to run out and I have no idea what I am suppose to do about losing my hearing aid book for my battery and hearing aid details

Go online to your hearing aid manufacturer web site and download a new book in .pdf format to your desktop.

Right-click on it and do a virus scan if you have anti-virus software.

If it is clean, open the file and then print it if you want, or just leave it on your desktop to open as needed.

Go to any hearing aid dispensor, they will help you.

thanks will try and get to my audioligist on monday to see if i can get a replacement book and some batteries

Is the problem you don’t know what battery it takes or is it how to install the battery?

When you take them off at night, do you open the battery compartment?
If so, more than likely just open it one more click further and the entire battery should be in plain view to replace, if you want to.