Help With Value Proposition

Am purchasing my first HAs. I can buy a Zerena 9 from Costco for $2500 per pair or the Otico OPN1 pair for $3550. Both prices include fitting and after care. Any incites would be appreciated.

I would say that that’s a very good price for a pair of OPN 1 if from a local provider. They normally run for around $6k plus from a local place. This is even better than online prices.

If I were you, I’d definitely want to try out both pairs before I decide which one to keep.

If the Zerena 9 is similar to the Sonic Enchant 100 that I’ve had a chance to try out (which I think it is because Sonic and Bernafon are sister companies), I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $1k to go with the OPN 1, which I’m currently wearing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Enchant a lot. I just prefer the OPN and its open paradigm more and I think it’s worth paying an extra thousand for it. But that’s just my personal opinion and you gotta try both out to see for yourself.

The value proposition between the $3550 OPN 1 vs the $1600 KS8 maybe weaker for the OPN 1. But compared to the $2500 Zerena 9, the OPN 1 value proposition looks better than its comparison to the KS8.

Costco has a number of nice aids. Many stores will provide a walkaround trial in the store which will give a small idea of them and might give you a preference. Don’t overlook the $1600 aid. The Brio is a nice aid if you don’t need easy connectivity. There the Resound might be a choice.

The OPN is a different paradigm. Many like it while others find it not their cuppa. You have to try it to know.