Help with Starkey Remote Microphone and Zoom app

I have a remote+ mic that I use when I am in meetings or training session’s to stream to my aids. I also use it to stream from my laptop when I am watching youtube videos or news site’s it works great except when I am on a zoom meeting then it will not work.

I have tried ever setting I can think of on the computer and the Zoom app with no success. Does anyone have any suggestion.

Thanks in advance

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This is a problem I share. I am going to write zoom to try to get some help. They have been a get help on other issues. If I was you I would try that.

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I didn’t think about them having live tech support I will do that.

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tel:1.888.799.9666 This was the number I used.

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I had to change the audio settings for my Phonak ComPilot to work. I can’t remember what I did now but once I clicked a button, my ComPilot started to work on zoom calls.

EDIT - think this is it. Testing computer or device audio – Zoom Help Center

thanks I’m going to call them monday