Help with programming Costco KS8


I just got a pair of the new Costco KS8s and I would like to program them myself. When they where being fitted at Costco, I noticed they were using Connexx 8.4. The link for 8.4 is dead in the “How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]” section. So I downloaded the 8.3 version. When I went to detect it said the HAs were not supported and update the program. I have read a couple other posts that talk about a system tray icon for updating but I don’t have one. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 8.3 version with no luck on finding a way to update. I am using Windows 10 if that helps/matters. I have a HiPro with the right cables and pill adapters. Any help would be appreciated.



pvc will be here soon enough I’m sure but are you sure you got the rexfit database and not sifit?

Edit: I checked. The 8.4 Rexfit link worked fine for me.
Also, I have 8.4 and the updater but I seem to recall that under Help/Info… that an ability to update should appear.



Try the links again.



Great that works now. I will update this post how it works.



Yes, please do! I’m thinking about getting the KS 8’s but I want to be totally sure the self-fitting is going to work.



An update on how things have gone for me with these hearing aids. First of all you should know that I am new to hearing aids and have mild hearing loss in the mid-range frequencies. I had been in a 90 day trial of a pair of Oticon Opn 1’s when the KS8’s were released. I liked the Opn’s performance but paying nearly $5000 was not letting my sense of value have any happiness. So I got a pair of the KS8’s. My initial fitting by Costco was thorough but they sounded tinny. I was able to get a HiPro programmer and start to play around with the programming myself. I would advise caution in programming yourself unless you are very comfortable with computers. I like to tinker with things so I am naturally drawn to self programming. I found a good tutorial for the software on called Signia Programming Software: Connexx 8.3. It was a good place to start although it was not a perfect representation of the Rexton version. I began adjusting some of the basic settings every couple of days and after a couple of weeks, I think I have them dialed into where I like.
I will say that I am very impressed. I attend several meetings each week with lots of background noise and side conversations going on. The directional microphone feature in the phone app was far superior to Oticon’s and I had a much better experience. I took my family to a noisy restaurant over the weekend and did not have to ask “what?” once.
The Costco staff has treated me very well. When I told them I was programming the hearing aids myself, they were very supportive and offered to show me some of the adjustments they typically make in the program.
My overall impression is very good. While the Oticons are far superior when it comes to listening to music, that was not a deal killer for me and I will be returning my Oticons in favor or the KS8’s.

P.S. As a side note, I did find programming the Oticon Opns a little easier and the program more intuitive.


Mini pro pricing

When I told the audiologist who sold me my Costco aids that I would program them myself, he first did a really good job with the initial fitting, and then told me in detail about some of the amazing stuff he had learned at a recent audiology conference. So friendly!



Kurt: You’ve been successful at programming your KS8s? I currently have KS6 (locked) and would really like the ability to program HAs myself . I have a Costco appointment next week to check out the KS8s.



Could I ask what programming hardware you used - HiPro or ??.
Also the programming software you used - did you need special access or is it available for anyone to use.



Read the Product Information thread, more specifically this post.

Anyone; (the clip below is from software thread);