Help with Phonak Powerline V


I have a problems with my new Phonak Powerline V that I don’t understand and hope that someone will be able to shed some light.

For more than 35 years (am 70 now) I was using an analog aid and was somewhat happy. This year I jumped the wagon and ordered a digital aid as my audiologist recommended. I was (and still am) adjusting the aid but after 3 sessions I am still not happy with the settings.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some situations where Phonak is superb (ie. noise reduction, phone, in a plane… etc) and situations where not that great (overall volume, difficult watching TV), but the main problem is something like self adjustment every minute or so resulting in couple of second of complete silence. This is driving me crazy.
Audiologist confirmed that aid is functioning fine. The main setting is set to AUTO and I don’t have any program that is set on my remote control. Is this normal for the aid? Is this related to the Auto setting? What can I do or request to be done when I see my audiologist again. Your help is appreciated.

Kind Regards

microPower V is the correct model, sorry…