Help with myPhonak Android App

I just purchased a Phonak Audeo P90-R hearing aid set and have installed the myPhonak Android App. I have created a “Custom Scenario”, named it “Custom_1” and saved it. There are no instructions on how to select it so that it is the “Default” Scenario. When I select it on the remote control screen and exit that screen, the remote control goes back to “AutoSense OS 4.0" Scenario instead of the new Custom Scenario “Custom_1”. How do I make “Custom_1”, my default Scenario?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

You cannot, unfortunately. But your audiologist can ‘fit’ it for you… I.e. make it a manual program. I have heard that the next version of the myPhonak app solves this though… we shall see…

Thanks Hooby, If I understand your reply, I can “Make” a Custom Scenario and save it but cannot “Set” it to be the default Scenario. If that is the case, I guess I must select it as my Scenario each time I turn on my hearing aids. Can you tell me how I select it so it at least stays on that Scenario until I turn the hearing aid off. It doesn’t make sense that they would have the feature to “Make” a scenario but not be able to use it. Thanks for the help.

On the Phonak app you can change to the custom settings you created by selecting them as shown on the Image below.

Your audiologist can set it as default as said above just remember that ALL custom programs you make WILL be deleted automatically when your audiologist save changes to your aids.

Thank you for the reply TerryUK. I tried that and the custom setting I named Volume2 displayed in that window with a checkmark but I wasn’t sure how to keep that setting as there was no place/icon that said “Save” or “Select”. If I understand your answer, just using the down carrot and selecting the “Volume2” setting I made so that it displays in the window (where AutoSense OS 4.0) is displayed in your example, is all I need to do. I then just close the program?

The reason I wasn’t sure if that would work is because I have not noticed any change in the volume of my hearing aids using that method. It seems like it is still set at the “Default” AutoSense OS 4.0.

Here are my settings for Volume2. I have the volume set to the very bottom. After closing the program I also manually lower my hearing aids to the lowest setting and what I hear is still very loud. There seems to be no change.

You can try pull the bass, middle and treble on the equaliser down to the bottom to see if that gets it down even more, but what I think you might need to do is to go back to the audiologist

If you’re pulling the volume down all the way, are you trying to mute the hearing aids? If so, the speaker icon on the bottom left corner is the mute button (the one above the three vertical white lines). If you hit that, then you’ll get no sound from the hearing aids at all

If you hit the mute button, but you’re still getting sound from the hearing aids - your app is not connected to your hearing aids and there lies your problem

Thanks for the reply Sydney. I’ve pulled the volume buttons down to minimum (not Mute) because the default setting is just too loud. I haven’t tried pulling the bass, mid and treble down but will give it a try. I suspect that the hearing aids were just set too high when I first got them (just a week ago). I will probably have to go back and get the audiologist to retune them and lower the volume. The main question I had was about the myPhoak Android App. I couldn’t tell any difference in volume after making a custom setting and wasn’t sure if I was actually selecting it since there is no option for “Select”, “Set”, “Ok”, etc… I guess it is selected if it displays in the text box and had the check mark next to it but I still don’t think it works since I do not notice any difference in the volume. The other option that is missing and very much needed is an option to “Disconnect” (same as Airplane Mode) from the phone. I know you can do it manually but it requires you to turn each aid Off, then back on again, holding it for about 12 seconds. Very time consuming especailly if you need to Disconnect in a hurry.