Help with Hearing Aid Selection

Hello! I am new to this forum and also new to hearing aids. I am in my early 50’s and my wife is asking me to get hearing aids do to missing conversations in restaurants and sometimes our conversations (but sometimes this might be selective hearing :-))

I have been to a professional hearing office and also re-confirmed with costco hearing. My ultimate goal is hearing with friends in restaurants due to background noise and whatever else I may be missing. I am in the technology industry but have not spent a lot of time understanding hearing aids. I have an Iphone and use it for conference calls a couple times a day.

Wondering about only wearing part time vs full time to get targeted benefits but my wife thinks I need them full time.

Attached is my results. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Costco suggested either KS9 or Phillips. Thanks in advance.

While I will not recommend any aids to you, I will say if you are going to go through the trouble to get aids make the commitment to wear them all of the time otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Your loss is mindless for the most part and you should adapt to the aids fairy quickly. With your hearing loss some feel they need the CIC or IIC hearing aids. I really cannot say that is the right way to go because I don’t know that. I do wear ITE custom hearing aids that are quite large. If you wish I wear Oticon OPN1 ITE aids and love them. Most people either love their aids are hate them.

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Here is the speech banana. It shows what sounds are heard at, dB and frequency wise.
Look at your audiogram and see where you are at on the banana.


Congratulations on your journey to better hearing! Since you have normal hearing in your low frequencies, I think a “Receiver-in-the canal” (abbreviated RIC; Also known as “Receiver in the Ear” or RITE) with an open dome (ear piece) might be the best choice. The open dome allows natural low frequency sound to enter your ear with no (or little) amplification, while the hearing aids would address your high frequency hearing loss.

Some people with normal hearing in the low frequencies do not like a CIC (“Completely in the canal”) or IIC (“Invisible in the canal”) hearing aid due to the ear being occluded. But some others find the small size attractive.

I have the Philips HearLink from Costco, and they’re great for me. Many people also seem to like the KS9. Whatever hearing aids you finally choose, you really should wear them full time (except in the shower or sleeping!).

Make sure that your hearing aid fitter follows best practices and does REM (“Real Ear Measurement”). Costco does REM as a standard policy. Getting hearing aids for the first time is a process. Be patient with yourself and with the hearing aids, and don’t hesitate to go back to your fitter for adjustments when needed.

Feel free to ask more questions on this forum. There are a lot of good people here who are happy to help.


I’m not convinced you’re going to notice much difference with hearing aids. I agree that they’re not very effective if only worn part time. For speech in noisy places, I’m guessing you’d prefer Bose Hearphones.

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Thanks for your time and effort in responding. Your profile look very similar to mine. What made you decide to go with Phillip vs KS9 and other brands?

I am on meetings at work 8+ hours a day with a headset on zoom calls. How do these RIC work with headphones? This would be one of my biggest concerns. I also have a small ear piece from plantronics that I use when on work calls and out and about (assume wouldn’t need anymore as the aid has bluetooth).