Help with guitar playing

I have moderate bilateral hearing loss and wear Widex Dream 440 hearing aids. I am generally very satisfied with them.

I want to start playing guitar again, but I notice that I can no longer tune my guitar (even with an electronic tuner/phone app). When I have family members tune my guitar for me using those same tuners, all of the chords still sound discordant to me but fine to others. I remember what guitar chords used to sound like. Should I completely give up the idea of playing guitar again? If I add the music program to my hearing aids, would that help? Would nothing help because I have digital aids and not analog aids?

feeling sad



you need a program without feedback killer. It´s the feedback-killer that adds the “mistunes”.

You can play classical guitar perfectly with hearing aids, as they are not too loud. For me, my classical guitar sounds much better since I wear hearing aids.

So: Add a music program, and double check that the feedback killer is off on the program. If you have feedback then, reduce the gain just so much that the feedback is gone. Maybe widex is different: They have a special feedback killer for the music program, maybe that one doesn´t sound bad on music.

But: No need to feel sad, guitar + hearing aid will work well after adjusting the aid!

See if this association could help:

Good luck!

Thank you. I am due for a visit to my audie now for a hearing aid cleaning. I’ll ask her to add the music program and see what that does. I hope it works so that I can actually play my guitar again so it sounds normal.

I added the music program. My audie said the feedback doesn’t have to be changed. It isn’t perfect, but my guitars (acoustic and steel string) do sound better when they form chords. Thank you!