Help with decision Phonak audeo yes 1x

Well I am into my fourth week with my HA.First time with HA and it has been a totally new experience. I told my sibs who all need HA to go get them as it is not a sign of aging but is giving me a new lease on life. I told my son when I left the audi the first day I was amazed at a sound from the past…it was the rustling of leaves in the trees. Loving it!
Question now is that Phonak has an instrument called MyPilot. I was wondering how many of you have felt it helpful and worth the investment. My audi has me at the second level for my HA. She is allowing me to adjust slowly. My prescription is at the 4th level. I guess I would love to be able to adjust the aids at times because sometimes they just seem too loud. I have noticed that when there are a lot of background sounds that my left aid hisses. That drives me crazy. Would the MyPilot help?

I put these numbers together from what I could ascertain from the test

250 L 10 R 10
500 L15 R10
1000 L30 R25
2000 L40 R25
3000 L50 R50
4000 L50 R55
8000L70 R70

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I too am new to hearing aids. The remote volume control is nice but I do not use the manual programs. At least not yet. This could be my lack of experience.

These newer aids remember when you make volume changes and can be programmed accordingly, that is a very nice feature. Knowing this you would figure the hearing aids would eventually be properly programmed for you and no need for further adjustments would be needed. At least this is what I understand.

More members will chime in on this for sure.

Good luck

I have had the YES IX’s since about February of this year, and still love them. I have the iCom which I use daily, and the myPilot. The myPilot I do not use very frequently, but it does come in handy as it allows me to adjust the volume or switch programs when needed. I make sure I have it with me when I go out to restaurants, where it gets most of its usage. Working in an office, I have not found much use for it, but do keep it with me for those times when my partners are all on speakerphone trying to outdo each other. I just turn the volume down and enjoy the telephone calls coming directly into my ears then :slight_smile:

I have the mypilot and SMART IX aids (which are very similar to the YES model). The zoom and programs like “voice in noise” are very useful. Zoom allows me to focus right while driving to better converse with the passenger. The other is a Godsend for conversation in restaurants.

I have also found the mute option helpful to help me understand what the aids are doing.

I, too, am trialing the Yes IX’s. If I decide to keep them, I plan to get the myPilot in part to tone down the volume in certain settings. Since I got the IX’s, I noticed how loud my family is at the dinner table. Probably a byproduct of living with me before I got my HA’s :smiley: Neilk, Is there a preset program setting for “Restaurants,” or does the program need to be tailor made by your Audi?

Correcting my earlier response, it’s “speech in noise” that is a huge help in noisy restaurants and like situations. Also the zoom control is very useful for directional situations. My wife has to use an electric wheelchair and when we go grocery shopping I’m usually following after her with a cart - using zoom full forward allows me to hear her.

I’ve had my IX’s and MyPilot for about 6 months. They’re great. I only had the automatic setting on MyPilot until a few weeks ago when I requested the other modes be installed by my audiologist (I had to insist that I wanted them)… I rarely adjust volumes. I have however used the music mode which seems to make the music sound better to me. Extremely noisy places also occasionally require volume adjustment to keep it bearable. All in all, I use the MyPilot minimally but it’s nice to have when you need to make an adjustment. The zoom feature also works great when I’m in the car and want to blockout some of the road noise (left) and maintain good listening on my right side for passenger conversation.

Hope this helps.

Jay, I would say the speech in noise program. Though actually, when I was in a noisy burger restaurant and having a conversation with my neighbor sitting across from me, I was on autopilot at the time. The amazing part was that I could never understand her before the IX’s came into my life, she talks quietly and does mumble and run her words together according to my wife even … who was sitting next to me in total amazement at the fact that I was carrying on a conversation while she couldn’t even understand the neighbor/friend of ours with all the banging clanging dishes and noise in the place. That sold me as it was during the trial period yet. :smiley:

Thanks, Neilk. When you say “Autopilot” are you are talking about how the IX’s worked without any special settings…just how the HA’s were initially programed by your audi?

Happy Holidays and thank you for all your posts. They have provided me with much value and direction.

Yes, I mean the Automatic programming, where the aids determine what mode to go into on their own. The myPilot allows you to lock in on particular mode, or to set the aids to Automatic.