Help with CIC

Just got the CIC Seimens Centra about 1 week ago. My hearing loss was at an early age from shooting guns without hearing protection.
Starts about 1000 hz and maximum at 4000 hz (60 db).

I am only 46 and refuse to wear anything but a cic. (Having an ego sucks). My audiologist suggested the BTE devices but said my main problem would be adjusting to my own voice with the cic. This is not the problem whatsoever.

I work in a busy trauma center and am having a hard time adjusting the instruments. I cannot hear nurses/patients when they talk normally/softly. Doors closing sound like explosions. Typing this message is a harsh “clacking” sound. It just seems like I am not hearing what I need to hear and noises I really don’t want to hear are extremely exaggerated. We have tried adjusting them once and it helped some. I just took them out and am doing better without them…

Perhaps these are not the devices for me.

Any feedback (no pun intended) is appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, often with high frequency hearing losses, clanking sounds and other sharp sounds can be very distracting.

This is where some of the new open fit devices work well, as they allow you to hear low frequency and high intensity sounds normally. Many doctors and nurses who frequently use stethoscopes also like the fact that they allow you to use the stethescope without removing one or both hearing aids.

If you are dead set on CIC’s then you may want to consider the Phonak Savia Art, which uses a great sound soothing system, that removes a lot of the harshness.

Very frustrating…

Just got the Phonak Savia Art and they are so much better. It makes me wonder why the audiologust did not recommend them initially.

I have a couple of questions. My audiololgist has never fitted them before and it is “work in progress”. Is this program so complicated that I should find somebody familiar with the devices to fine tune them for me or is it “cookbook”? She called Phonak while I was there for the second visit for advice. I appreciate this but still wonder if there is something we are missing with respect to getting the best hearing out of my instruments. I work in a busy, loud trauma center with an ever changing environment.

She is local and patient but I want the most out of my devices. What do you recommend? I could travel to an audiologist who is familiar with the Phonak instruments and do not mind the extra expense.

2nd. The left side tends to slip out a bit and does not sit in the canal as well as the right one. They are CICs. While they are comfortable, I find myself manually pushing the left one in often.

Thank you for this forum. The Phonak is far superior to the Seimens. I would have never tolerated the Seimens. The background noise and harshness is much diminished with the Phonak and the vent is much larger allowing more natural sound to come through.


I am glad to hear you are doing better with the Savia Art’s. They truly are great hearing aids.

As for the one slipping out of the ear…most offices should be able to use a liquid that can be bonded onto the CIC’s and cured under a UV light to make them more secure in the ear.

Otherwise, you can have them take a new mold and have it sent back to Phonak for a “remake”.

As for the programming…the default settings in the software are very very good. In fact, every time I run a “speech mapping” test on them, where we insert a probe microphone and measure the exact sound occuring near the tympanic membrane, the results are very good. Thus “out of the box”, it is probably the easiest to program properly of the major brands.

You just need to make sure he/she ran:

Feedback Canceller (on the initial fit screen, it is a pink button)
Echo Blocker (lots of hospitals and offices with concrete walls have lots of bouncing sound)
Maybe wind blocker if you are outside a lot

Hope this helps you out.

Very helpful