Help with 2 year old Resound and fitting programming issue


I have moderate and severe hearing loss. I am in a resound I am not sure of the model name however the number is LT988-DW. I have been very happy with these hearing aids, but recently had some problems with the ear molds irritating one ear so badly that I couldn’t even wear the aid in that ear.
It was a pain in the neck as you can imagine but for the most part I work from home, so that helped a lot and I would just wear it when around others. Finally (oddly without the blessing of my ENT), I had new ear molds made with my Audi, and BOOM, the irritation was gone, like practically over night. It was like an ill fitting shoe, but for some reason my ent did not get that and I did! I was so glad I went with my own judgement on that decision.
Shortly after getting the new ear molds I spent several days with family, with many people around what I noticed was that I was not hearing as well as I usually do. These new ear molds are shorter than the previous ones so I thought perhaps my fit needed to be adjusted up.
I went to my audi I cannot tell you exactly what she did but I do have screen shots of the current settings. I think she increased the overall volume, and I know she increased the high frequencies. I think it is the high frequencies that you hear metal, porcelain, glass, plastic, paper, ice with. Suddenly those sounds are almost unbearable and the speech is very hard to discern.
I went to church and although the room has terrible acoustics and I have been struggling with it, it was even worse! The music was horrible sounding and I was getting a lot of distortion in my right ear I believe from the drum beats. The sound was way too loud even completely turned down, so I took them out and actually was able to enjoy the beautiful voice of the singer. Granted it was loud in there. I think I was experiencing “Clipping”
Finally, I couldn’t understand the speaker. I did hang out with my friend after church and was able to communicate. However the next day I got my old Phonaks (Boleros, Q90) and have been wearing them ever since. I have an appointment Wednesday, she will try to get the Resound rep in so we can hopefully get to the bottom of this asap. My audi has given me some screen shots of current programming that I will add.

Doesn’t look like I can add screen shots of the programming values, any suggestions on how I can add those to this post?

New earmolds always need a new fitting done. This may be like new aids if the previous settings were off.

Thank you, do you man the programming adjustment with new ear molds could be similar to the adjustment necessary with new aids? If so wow, my Audi did not even mention that.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.
So all the new sounds to fit your hearing loss may be a little overwhelming at first but should line out in a few days or weeks.

oh, no, absolutely not, this is not something that will get better in a few days it is beyond horrible. I am a tolerant person but this programming is intolerable in the high frequencies and I cannot even understand mush of the speech. This programming is not going in the right direction.

Would you consider DIY, it’s pretty easy to do and plenty of people from right here on hearingtracker to help you along the way, set them up just the way you want them to sound.
Of course you do need to do a little bit of research before taking it on, but it’s very easy and not hard at all, use the search button from right here on hearingtracker and check the DIY forums for your ReSounds.

Good luck.

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Have the Audi do real ear measurements using the new molds. You can not simply assume things are the same…obviously they weren’t. Also possible is that the receivers are bad. Another possibility is that you are an edge case and your receivers are distorting because they have nothing left. My audiologist has consistently had to go one power level up above what would be recommended for me in a receiver. We tried the recommended power level and it runs out of gas.

Thank you, I should have mentioned that we did do REM, and the gain looked appropriately corrected to my loss, at least form the graphics I saw on the screen and the little I know about the graphic representations. Both the audi and I noticed that there was some “room” available at the high frequencies for more gain to be added so that both the loss and the gain graphs interfaced ( is meet).

Yes, the audi did mention that bad speakers are a possibility. She said she would get the Resound rep in this next week if possible. I certainly hope she can as this is a real pain. It is so important in my day to day functioning to get this right.

This is interesting about your power up, this may not be the problem here as it looks like I have room if you look at these graphs and the shaded red area on top of the gains shows that there still is room for gain.

I am just realizing that I need to up my game and learn how to interpret all this. I need to be able to communicate with my audi on the problems and I need to be able to interpret the programming in order to know that I am getting the most out of these devices. The first audi I had in this office is a professor of audiology, she is very good and I really didn’t have to question anything, but if I did she was happy to answer and teach. She had a huge bag of tricks, I would say she is outstanding. The new person has a lot to learn, I think. Now, I am the one that has to catch up in my understanding of my hearing loss, how it is measured and how it can be corrected because I have to communicate the issues and understand how they can be fixed. It is important to my quality of life, therefore I must embrace this knowledge.

I will consider it, but I have a lot to learn before I am capable of that.

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I’m no expert but your audiogram looks very unusual. Are you sure it’s correct?

In what way? Everyone’s hearing loss is different to some extent.

I’m quoting @pageskipro and making a post just to underscore the truth that I’ve also discovered and that Chuck (@cvkemp) emphasizes all the time.

We are our own best hearing advocates, and - the better informed we are - the less vulnerable we are to some of the quacks that call themselves “audiologists”.

There are many competent and dedicated audiologists, but they are not all so …


Yes, in what way is it unusual? I know it is a challenging loss to deal with! The first audi I went to some 22 years ago told me that this hearing loss profile was a classic pattern of inherited deafness.
Finally after getting my hearing aids and becoming and advocate, I got my Mom to get a pair! We all knew she was extremely hard of hearing but she didn’t seem to mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I got this classic pattern from my dear Mom, plus many, many good things!
When I saw her loss profile it looked like mine except worse, she was also missing the high frequencies. So that may be where I am headed but we will see.
Oddly one of my brothers can hear a pin drop on carpet!

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What’s weird about the fits for the two programs illustrated is that for the top program illustrated (Restaurant) the applied gains (the red and blue-gray unfilled oblong shapes :small_blue_diamond: (sorry-the emoji don’t have open oblongs of the right colors!) are ~right on the prescribed gain by whatever fitting algorithm is in use (the black dashed lines -----).

However, the lower program (All-Around) the applied gain is always MORE than the prescribed gain for both ears. Not being an HCP and being relatively ignorant about these things allows me to suggest a possible explanation ( :smile: !).

I’d like to suggest that the bad receiver hypothesis is right at least for one ear and that possibly the audi in doing REM only applied REM adjustment to the All-Around program and never got around to the Restaurant program. I don’t know how HCPs typically apply REM adjustment but if it’s done the same way some other fitting adjustments are made where you apply changes to one program and then say “recalculate the fit for all programs (or just this program),” maybe the audi had a lapse and only applied the REM fitting adjustment to the All-Around program and the Restaurant program never got corrected for some reason.

The reason that I say this if it’s a bad speaker in one ear, presumably the REM adjustment is going to increase the applied gain across the board for that speaker and that’s what we see for the All-Around program. But why both ears if only one speaker is bad? For some reason, at the time the screen captures were taken, the fit between the two ears was LINKED (top middle center of both programs the link symbol :link: is darkened, indicating it was selected). So that means, AFAIK, unless the REM adjustment program bypasses the typical fitting behavior of Smart Fit, when you increase the gain the fit for one ear, the gain in the other ear will be increased also in a similar way (if the user says, I want stronger high frequencies, the use of the LINK feature allows both receiver outputs to be adjusted in parallel if the audi wants). Having a defective speaker, having REM call for an increase in output across the board, and also having the applied gain added to the fit for the other ear because of the linkage shown between ears might explain the All-Around program fit anomaly. Why is the Restaurant program fit different? Maybe screen capture was done at a different time, before the REM was done on the All-Around program? Maybe there was some sort of lapse or folks got distracted by unhappiness with the All-Around fit or whatever and an adjustment to the Restaurant program was never made. Since the All-Around program is typically the first user program created in order and the default program the HA’s boot into and the program intended for main use, it seems appropriate that the audi would make any REM adjustments to that program first (again my ignorance shows. I don’t know how IRL REM adjustments are typically applied).

But there are two different major things going on here: 1) why is the applied gain so off the prescribed fit in the All-Around program for BOTH ears, and, 2) why is the Restaurant program applied gain vs. prescribed fit so relatively different (pretty good, IMHO) and the All-Around program so messed up.

For me, I haven’t had any REM adjustments but for ~all my four programs, including All-Around and Restaurant, the AutoFit feature of Smart Fit has pretty much put the applied gain for almost all frequency channels right on the money of the prescribed fit.

I’m just submitting the above as a wild hypothesis based on relative ignorance.

I have a similar loss in some frequencies and wear Resound aids too. I experienced clipping when listening to music and podcasts via streaming. With a fair bit of experimental self-programming, this was eradicated by changing Time Constants to slow or moderate. If you need to keep these settings in All Round you can ask your Audiologist to add a Music program where these settings can be changed accordingly.

Keep a note of the sounds that are too loud and your audiologist should easily be able to reduce the gain on those frequencies. This may have to be done gradually over several visits as you want to keep as much gain as you can bear.

In between visits you may be able to adjust Bass, Middle and Treble with your phone app and clicking into Sound Enhancer which lets you adjust these settings +/- 6 decibels.

I also experienced occasional warbling of speech in every day settings - this was fixed by myself by setting DFS Ultra to Off or Music.

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Thank you so much for these tips!