Help, which hearing aid is the best in term of sound quality

Hi all:
Which hearing aid has the highest sound quality in terms of speech in quiet environment?

I don’t think there is a single answer to that. But the word on the street is that there will be some new instruments launched next month. Should be pretty impressive.

can u give us a sneak peek…:smiley:

My sources are very hush hush, I probably won’t know any facts for a couple of weeks or so.

There’s a big AAA conference coming up soon, lots of manufacturers like to show off their new stuff then.

I had posted some of the specs for the Oticon Epoq V and the Vigo and Vigo pro on another post…

Bernafon will launch Move another mid to high end instrument…

Resound will launch Sparx - A new super power instrument… and will also
put a lot of emphasis on the dot

Starkey - will launch their wave instrument – this was discover by one of our friends in the forum–

Phonak will probably focus on Exelia, Naidia and the dynamic FM

Widex-- which doesnt really launch many many products will formally introduce passion (which was anounce @ euha)

What would siemens launch?..

Im sure others will launch new products as well