Help: RIC receiver won't stay in the mold

I got a new Oticon INO RIC a few months ago, fitted with a power receiver. I also had a “soft” custom ear mold made. And all seemed to be fine. Except…after a week or two of wearing it, the receiver began working its way out of the mold, while the mold stayed in my ear. And the problem quickly got worse. It’s as though the rubber slot for the receiver just stretches out over time and won’t hold the receiver in place.

Here’s the big catch…I got the new aid right before moving out of the U.S. and am now living in Africa. It was only once I got here that the trouble began. And wouldn’t you know there are virtually no HA dispensers here (the reason I got a new one right before leaving).

So…I emailed my Audiologist in the U.S. about the problem, and he had 2 more of the same “soft” style molds made (presumably with a more narrow slot) which a friend brought to me when he came to visit. Of course: same product, same problem. Both of the new molds held the receiver for a week or so, but after that they just became useless.

I also tried going back to the pre-fab domes, but those didn’t work either.

Has anyone had experience with this happening? Anyone have suggestions for how to glue or lock the receiver into the mold? I don’t want to damage the actual aid, but as is I’m unable to use it.

I also took a look at the Oticon website and saw a couple of custom molds that looked much more sophisticated than the ones my Audiologist got me, maybe ones that actually have a mechanism for attaching to the aid. No idea why I wasn’t ordered one of those to begin with. Unfortunately I’m not sure I’m gonna have too many more options before my next eventual trip back to the States. So I’d really love any advice about how to make this RIC receiver and this loose ear mold stick.

Huge thanks in advance.

Not only have I experienced this with a patient of mine, their molds actually split.
Our remedy was to convert their earmolds to the plastic type with the locking plate so that if a reciever ever got damaged, it could be replaced on site.

What I would advise is that you try to use crazy glue or a reasonable alternative so that you can put a small amount onto the plastic of the reciever and then insert it into the mold. Wash the earmold out with dishwashing soap and then dry completely prior to doing the glue part. Wipe away any extra glue with a damp cloth/tissue.

Crazy glue will temporarily hold the reciever in, but it is not a permanent solution as glue and silicone don’t bond well.

My further advice is to get more recievers sent to you just in case.

I hope that helps.