Help! Resound Phone Clip+, broken clip

Started to put the lanyard around my neck when getting ready this morning and the actual clip broke off. This is what the lanyard string goes through as well as being the clip that clips to clothing.

Does anyone know a way I can get the part? My Costco, where I bought it, is looking into it but I thought maybe someone here had already gone through this.


Unfortunately, the clip isn’t available as a separate part. You’ll have to send the whole unit back to ReSound for replacement.

Oh well. I will have to do it. I have a lot of functionality around the clip+.


Can the Phone Clip+ be fixed if it is out of warranty? I’m getting conflicting information from my Costco. The latest phone call is that they cannot send a Phone Clip+ back for repair if it is not in warranty, but they are going to talk about it. I hoped/assumed it could be re-cased (the plastic clip part broke off). It works fine, just a clip problem.

They can definitely send it in. Not sure why you’re getting conflicting information. Sometimes ReSound will replace at no charge even if it’s out of warranty.

Hello Don,

I’ve had two different PC+ clip broke off. And both times, they sent me brand new replacements. I paid for the first one as it was out of warranty, but I paid only $150 discount price as I had purchased the Alrea HAs and accessories through Hearing Revolution. You may have noticed that there have been several postings on this forum about broken clips. I asked my audi if Resound is working on a better clip or a new version, and she wasn’t aware of any news (maybe Ramus knows something). Frankly, Resound should have unlimited warranty for broken clips until they come out with a new version with a different type of clip or a new design.

For now, I don’t dare clip the PC+ to my shirt collar. People are able to hear me just fine when the PC+ is hanging on the lanyard outside of my shirt, but no so much underneath. When not using the phone, I slip the PC+ underneath my shirt and it works just fine for audio streaming and HA functions.

The plastic part of the alligator clip on my Phone Clip + broke, and for me, I let that lead to an improvement. I went to Lowe’s, bought a pack of very small (rubber?) plumbing “O” rings, fitted an “O Ring” onto the metal (non broken) part of the clip, and then threaded my lanyard through the “O” ring. The Phone Clip now fits securely and more flatly against my chest.

Well, they replaced it, even though it was not in warranty!

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Did you call them yourself?
Do you have a phone number?

Mine has been broken for three years. I like it better now.

I called Resound and they told me $250 to replace.

I removed the rest of the clip and went to home depot in search of a clip I could glue to it.
I found clips of the right size that come with a very strong adhesive strip.
photos attached.
Hopefully, can save someone some cash.
see photos


other photo


Brittle clips failing is a known flaw for the phone clip. It is so pronounced that they replace them after warranty periods expire. You can send it in if you wish. I had two break with limited use. One after the normal warranty.