Help! Profound hearing loss, need help!


I experienced profound hearing loss about 18 years ago when I was a child. My parents at the time did not have health insurance and so other than a normal pediatrician hearing test didn’t have any further testing or intervention done. I grew up in a hearing family and no educational or social modifications were made my whole life. No wonder that I never did anything about my hearing loss either.

Recently I decided to have another hearing test. The results of which are below. First the audiologist told me that with hearing loss as profound as I have it was technically un-aidable, then she called me back and suggested that I try a Widex Mind440-9, with the audibility extender that takes the high frequency sounds that are un-aidable and turns them into low frequency sounds and then amplifies them. I think.

Does anyone know if this is a good choice, or have any experience with this kind of loss? She also suggested that I should aid the right since I have sloping mild to medium hearing loss in that ear also, but i’m not sure.

Money is not an issue as my health insurance covers hearing aids, so i’m just looking for the best possible product for my type of hearing loss.

Thanks in advance

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I can’t really speak for the Widex, but have recent experience with Phonak’s Audeo YES IX series HAs.

Phonak has SoundRecover, which sounds similar to Widex’s “audibility extender”. The Audeo YES, Exelia ART and Naida IX have this feature.

I would definitely get the pair of HAs as your right ear’s hearing loss is severe enough that you would, without doubt, benefit. Your hearing in that ear is good/normal until you pass the 2k mark, at which point it worsens. It is in those upper frequencies that speech and comprehension are most important.

My audiologist said i could get an in the ear aid for the right, or would you recommend a BTE? Right now, hearing with the aid i got yesterday is SO overwhelming, so I thought I might wait until I got used to this one, and then try an aid in the right. I haven’t really had a chance to try the audibility extender yet because I work mostly with men, so it wouldn’t really be useful. Sigh…i wish i hadn’t waited 18 years.

Have you looked into or thought about a CI?

Shi-Ku (Just a thought.) Chishiki

I would talk about realistic expectations with my audi.
I would consider a CI, Hi would not be enough regardless of the cost

I would talk about realistic expectations with my audi.
I would consider a CI, Hi would not be enough regardless of the cost

I would really like to avoid a CI unless I lose all of my hearing in my other ear too. I"m a little afraid of that since my hearing loss is following the same arc and I’m experiencing tinnitus every day in my right ear now. I’ve never really had an identity in the deaf/hard of hearing world, right now I can’t even believe that I even qualify to call myself hearing impaired.

Does anyone else have experience with my kind of hearing loss? I’m only 30, btw.

I currently have a siemans centra SP…works ok
I am also trying to find a new aid with bluetooth technology…
Nadia V UP did not work for me
going to try the sumos DM on friday…
I heard about the Siemans explorer …a few days ago and will look into that too.
I am also considering a BaHa

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Hi poniboy! You know what, you can check out the hearing aids being offered at The company offers high-end hearing devices at affordable rates. I know money is not a problem with you. What’s great about the site is that it has a hearing aid assistant wherein you need to fill in a few details in two or three boxes so they could recommend to you the hearing aid that best suits your needs. Hearing Center USA offers different types of hearing aids suited for every lifestyle so who knows, you may just find the right one for you there. Good luck.

No offense but you are NOT profoundly deaf. Even I am not(well it’s severe-profound but not profound since I hear better than 90db in the lows) Your right ear is normal with a mild high frequency loss. My dad has a similar audiogram to yours and has tried HAs and does not benefit from them as his loss isn’t enough, he’s hearing and understands speech fine, even can hear S and F.

Your left ear also has normal hearing in the low frequencies with a severe-profound high frequency loss. You might benefit from a HA in the left ear to aid the mid frequencies. Don’t listen to anyone who mentions CI, you are not a candidate! Even I am probably not a candidate since my hearing loss is less than 90db in the low frequencies and with powerful HAs, I hear great and understand alot of speech.

The ONLY hearing aid I would rec. for your loss is the Phonak Naida IX SP check it out on You tube just search for Naida. Phonaks high frequency sound recover workd differently than Widex and does a better job with a more natural saund quality. As always realistic expectations are essential. This hearing aid is different than any other on the market today because it is different it takes longer to adjust to it. Perfection is not possible, but improvement is. As far as I am concerned this is the most exciting technology in the industry currently!