Help Needed

Hearing Scan.pdf (208.2 KB)

What kind of help do you need?
I would say you have substantial hearing loss. But you likely already knew that. This just proves it.
The person that did the test can probably suggest ways to help. Hearing aids boosting the frequencies that you respond to and perhaps also frequency lowering can bring in the upper frequencies that you don’t respond to.

Apologies, I wasn’t sure how to add attachment & put up a new post! I’m sorry that the Scan previously attached isn’t clearer but what it shows is that the right ear is slightly stronger 50-90 range.The left ear is a lot worse with only response in the 75-110 range. She is currently using older Protak RICs from the NHS. She gets a lot of feedback from the aids but mainly down to the moulds & trying to get fitting snugly under the ear lobes. Her hearing on the phone is really bad. The audiologist at her local hospital is going to try new moulds & took new impressions last week along with more expensive hopefully more responsive hearing aids. He is also going to let her have a new on trial Protak phone kit with a loop connection. She is btw 96 years old but still reasonably active & still enjoys an occasional glass of wine!

Any suggestions really. One thing she hates is background noise in pubs & restaurants. Also road noise from outside her apartment in Southsea. I believe some hearing aids have a Noise reduction system which would certainly help her a lot.

It sounds like she is well under way to better hearing.
The newer aids will have better feedback control and also better noise reduction. Then the new hopefully better molds will get her going in the right direction.

At 96 and going to pubs, she’s doing great.

Thanks Raudrive. Those beers are making me thirsty now!

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