Help needed on choosing a new hearing aid?

I want to buy a new hearing aid for my right ear. I already have one in the left (Qualitone ITE) but am not getting too much satisfaction. My audiogram is as follows:
L Frequency R
40 - 250 - 35
50 - 500 - 30
60 - 1000 - 45
75 - 2000 - 55
70 - 3000 - 65
75 - 4000 - 60
80 - 6000 - 60
65 - 8000 - 60

Any suggestions would be great. From reading the forums, it seems to greatly depend on the audiologist but I think i would be better able to pick one if i was happy with the aids that they are dispensing.
Also, is there any difference in a behind the ear and an ITE quality wise?

thanks a lot

i would suggest you buy something from qualitone, so that
your fitter can fine tune both instruments… I would suggest same type of circuit unless you want to change your qualitone HI

Thanks for that but I intend to change audiologists as I think there are better out there and there is a bit of a personality clash that puts me off going back to him.
I am not that happy with the present aid either and so would prefer to change.
Thanks for you help

qualitone is not the most advance aid out there,
if you have not change aids in a long time
i assure, most of the top manufacturer mid price instruments
are real good, so out there you can find a balance between
value and performance…

Thanks xbulder. I am thinking of getting a Starkey Destiny. Is there much difference between the 1200 and the 1600 models?
There is €300 of a difference here price wise (1600 model at €3,200) but i am trying to work out are the new features worth the extra money??


im not a big fan of starkey, perhaps ZCT can answer that question better than me,
However, regardless of the brands all mid price instruments are quite similar,
the difference is when you are willing to pay top dollars

there are real good instruments out there! and not all instruments are equal

I see you’re from Ireland, I qualified in Wales and a few guys in my class went out to Ireland after they qualified. Not relevant, but just thought I’d share!

On paper, they seem like the same aid, with some pointless bells and whistles added to the 1600.

It was how I thought until by chance I converted a couple of my patients from 1200 to 1600. All of them told me it was like night and day.

My grandfather in law is a veteran of hearing aid usage and he had worn the 1200s for about six months. He then switched to the 1600s and confidently claimed they were TWICE as good. And he is not one for hyperbole.

Of the patients I converted, the results have been exceptional. The key seems to be the integrated real ear measurement, which appears to make a heck of a difference.

All hearing aids that exist (pretty much) are calibrated with a 2cc coupler. A simulated average human ear. Unfortunately, your ears are not necessarily average, and are certainly not the shape of a 2cc coupler.

So when you have integrated real ear measurements with self calibration, it’s like the aid trains itself to the acoustic properties of your specific ear, rather than assuming that your ear is ‘average.’

At the end of the day, it seems to make a heck of a difference. Hands down for just 300 Euro more, I’d get the top of the line.

Out of interest, what price were you quoted there in Ireland?

very interesting ZCT, i had put the extra’s down as some fancy stuff that i could do without.
Pricewise - i got a quote yesterday 1200 - €2900, 1600 - €3200
Today, i also got a quote for the 1200 at €2200 (thats a 25% saving). so i have ordered 2 aids from the second guy - the first is €1500 an acoustic which he recommended and thought was fairly good and the starkey 1200 (which i had requested so that i can compare the 2 together) but after reading your mail i am considering upgrading to the 1600

xbulder - when you say that all aids are the say except when you are paying at the top range - can you give me examples of what are top range and how much should i expect to pay.
Like being charged €700 more for the same ha, price is not the way to tell

For that price difference I would upgrade in a heart beat. The new Inspire OS programming software they use, has just unlocked some new features that only work on the 1600.

With the small amount extra you’d have to spend, it makes sense to have top of the line.

That i cant really tell, but the following high end had been favorally review in this forum

Phonak Exelia
Oticon epoq
GN azure or dot…
this perhaps had the most post from users, most of them reported that they had been quite satisfied. I would not rule out this choices

I’m a user not an audio so I can’t speak to them all being the same, but what I’ve learned as my hearing got worse over the years is that once you start hitting the 60dB loss level and above conventional aids are of little to no use.
There are some studies out there that say the same thing, past a certain point amplification has little to no value.
That being said I’ve just gotten the Phonak Naida, as always hoping for a miracle and then reality sets in, but in this case reality is they are excellent! I’m hearing and understanding speech that I had no chance with before (Phonak Savia’s not exactly low end either).
I would really consider these, I’ve used different aids in each ear various times due to need, not something I love long term as you want to train your brain for the new sounds and I think two different ones make it harder.

You should consider a hope to the US with the exchange rate, get the aids, enjoy a vacation and probably still save money…