Help My Mom PLEASE!

Hello all! I am trying to help my mother purchase hearing aids. I received some information from We were referred to a local audiologist where my Mom was tested and found to have “cookie bite” hearing loss. She has terrible tenatus as well, or the ringing when she hears higher frequency and tones. The TV has to be at a certain level for her to hear, but not too loud or she has pain. Talking on her cell phone is impossible!! Her hearing loss is affected in the speech tones, so she has difficulty hearing me. She is 55, but wants hearing aids that look good cosmetically. She is very worried they will be noticable, but she realizes somethign has to be done!! The audiologist suggested the Phonak Micro eXtra. He stressed that with her type of hearing loss, this device would be sufficient and the most cost effective. He then said I had to purchase through He also told me to negotiate my price, warranty, loss protection, batteries and consultations for the life of the hearing aid with I was a little concerned about purchasing through the web, so I need your help. Here is the proposal I recevied for Hearingplanet for the devices.

1,699 per hearing aid (total of $3,398) to include the following:

60 day trial period - $150 re-stocking fee.
2 year battery supply
No-charge service from the provider during the warranty period.
3 year repair warranty and 1 year loss/damage with a $300 deductible per device.

So, my question to you all is the following:

  1. What is the normal life of a hearing aid? ( will we be purchasing more in 4 years or so?)

  2. Is this a reasonable offer from

  3. Is the Phonak Micro eXtra a good bargain?

Thank you all!!!

this are good aids, in general most aids with care
last for a good 4 to 5 years… I would say this is the industry standart.

Keep in mind that you are not only purchasing hearing aids but also all the service asociate with it, finetunning , counseling etc…

SO while most aids are identical they are not programmed identical there is some experise or value added depending on the type of audi…

I would not necessarily look for the cheapest place to buy a phonak aid
maybe if cost is an issue you could try Unitron which is own by phonak as well and have lower costs