Help Me Figure Out How Much to Pay for Phonak P-90s and Negotiate with my Provider

Some time ago (around 2016) I checked the Veterans Administration purchase costs for the Phonak V90’s. At the time it was around $275. I assumed that was probably the actual cot of manufacture but does anyone here have further information on this route?

MSRP is a joke. When I was still in practice, some manufactures would give a sheet with the new order with the MSRP on it. Starkey comes to mind as one of them. Their MSRP would typically be twice or more than I sold the product for ( and I used a bundled model). I would not pay any attention to the MSRP. When talking about switching to an unbundled model, it can be challenging when one patient comes in and gets charged an office call when the person before and after get the same service at no charge (they purchased under the bundled model). Keeping track of who pays and who does not can be a headache and the hard feelings of some when they get charged and others don’t can be problematic. Trying to find out the actual cost can be impossible since the wholesale cost of hearing aids depends on the volume purchased by that account. If an office is only buying 8 or 10 units a month (many practices offer more than one brand) compared to someone ordering 50-100 units a month, guess which one has a lower cost. The only reason Costco can sell for less is the huge volume (second only to the VA) and Costco makes their profit from membership fees and the floor space and overhead are already covered.

Watch this video, from Dr. Cliff Aud on Costco KS10, he will compare the difference between Phonak Audeo paradise and Kirkland signature 10

If the Audiologist’s service is still important to you. you can still have it separately.
I am not from America, more precisely from Croatia (Europe). but the nearest Costco for me is 1500 kilometers. I would take that opportunity if Costco was closer. Costco enables the prices of hearing aids at a drastically low price, so we can buy them more often if we want to follow the new technology :slight_smile:
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Here in the UK, the NHS pay around £80 for mid level Aids eg the Phonak M70. We don’t have the Paradise line yet on the NHS.

Let’s see… she was kind enough to help a walk in several times with no investment on his part including his current testing. Doesn’t sound like he needs to go to Costco because of cost. Being a business himself he understands. btw, that lady is not in anyway getting close to Costco or the VA’s cost. Or are her expenses being absorbed by corporate Costco or Uncle Sam.

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gotta love this thread :slight_smile:

My two sisters, mother and myself all had poor experiences with four different private audiologists. One sister, mother and I have all been very pleased with Costcos at five locations across three states. In April 21 I purchased KS 9s and was allowed a free upgrade to KS10s four months later for a savings of $100, no negotiations necessary. Their price includes a three year warranty, loss and damage, free adjustments, and a six month trial. If saving money is a priority it might be worthwhile to get the free six months to test the waters and save many thousands. In any event, think you’ll be pleased with the P90. They’re my 5th pair in 25years and clearly the very best.

Yep, always turns into a Costco versus Private clinics thing, and who’s best at the slanderous claims.

I have a set of Phonak Naida p-up 70 hearing aid set that i need to sell. My spouse paid over $3200 for them. The Pracitioner will not refund our money. I can make do with my old ones. These have never been worn. This is simply an expense that we cant afford anymore.

Yeah that’s not good, did they give a valid reason?
At least Costco has a 180 day return policy, which is pretty good when things don’t work out as expected.