Help in understanding my Word Recognition Test

Hi All,

I just had a new hearing test this week at my ENT doctor’s office using his resident Audiologist and I’ve got a question. My Word Recognition test from this recent test was done at 90db and my R. ear was 56% and my L. ear was 68%. My previous hearing test in 2016 resulted in 88% in my L. ear and 80% in my R. ear using the same db level. So I seem to be seeing a significant loss over the past 5 years. My doctor went over the results with me but mentioned that the person giving the test can vary my results somewhat but if I understood him correctly that there wasn’t any particular settings in my hearing aids to improve my comprehension other than increasing the loudness of my aids.
Is he correct or is there anything other than the loudness setting on my aids that I could have tweaked to improve my word recognition?

In general your doctor is correct but I can say not always in my opinion.
With your ski slope hearing loss you are a candidate for frequency lowering technology. By shifting the upper frequencies into lower frequencies that you hear better your brain can relearn those sounds and turn them into speech. It takes patience on your part but can be done.

We’re these tests done in quiet? Did your ENT recommend word understanding tests in noise?
If your test results get in the 50 to 55 percent range you are a candidate for cochlear implants.


Hi Rick,

Yes the tests were done in a special sound proof room and no noise was inserted during the test and no he didn’t suggest using noise in the test. I asked the Audi about cochlear implants and she stated I would have to be in much worst hearing shape than I am currently. She implied you almost had to be deaf to qualify for them…
So based on your knowledge there is nothing in the circuitry or fitting to improve word recognition other than what the doctor implied was increasing the volume on my aids? I was hoping once I get into the DIY programming I might find something that would assist me in improving the percentages that I now have without my aids.

I answered this question already, frequency lowering technology.

Sorry but you shot that over my head, would I have options of doing that within the fitting software?


I believe you have Siemens aids and considering Phonak or KS10 aids.
The Phonak aids have Sound Recover 2 that could help you in my opinion, KS10 has High Frequency Protect. I am not familiar with the Siemens aids.

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Siemens (Signia’s) frequency lowering feature is called Frequency Compression It’s not as advanced as Phonak’s, but simpler to understand what is going on.