Help in choosing hearing aids from Costco

I posted earlier that I had purchased ks9 HAs from Costco but returned them because the fitter could not eliminate horrible occlusion. I now have an appointment to be fitted with a different brand.
Because I had Costco aids before that were made by resound, the fitter is recommending bte resound vidas because she says I am used to resound.
This doesn’t seem to me to be an adequate reason and I would appreciate any advice as to which of the HAs that Costco sells might be best for me.
You can see from my test results that I have profound loss in the higher frequencies.
Thank you
Floyd Lee

Some thoughts:

  1. In my opinion the Marvels did not have enough gain for your loss.
  2. I think a BTE is a much better choice.
  3. I think either the Resounds or Phonak Brio 3 could be a decent choice. My bias would be the Phonaks because of their more sophisticated frequency lowering.
  4. Not sure what the issue with occlusion was. I’m not a pro, but pretty confident you’d benefit from a custom mold.
  5. Have you ever been evaluated for a cochlear implant? If I had your loss, I’d want more info on cochlear implants.
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I did have custom molds. I think the vent was too small. The fitter said she checked the effect a larger vent would have by changing size on her computer. I don’t really think this was a valid way to check and in retrospect should have insisted on her actually drilling out the vents to a larger size.

Occlusion and own voice I believe are very similar, very tunable. It surprises me the aids couldn’t be adjusted correctly concerning occlusion.

Your hearing loss is pretty bad, almost out of Costco’s area of expertise I am guessing. It takes a fitter with more experience to fit your type of loss. Mentioning this might get you a better fitter. The statement about Resound aids from the fitter sounds off to me also.

BTE aids might be better for your loss too.

Good luck

Raudrive is correct- one way occlusion manifests is by making your own voice uncomfortable. I will echo his statement that you need a provider with more experience to fit your loss.

Fit is the biggest issue here. You need the best fitting custom earmold you can get. Without a good fitting earmold, no hearing aid will overcome horrible occlusion.

I would recommend a Signia product with OVP (Own Voice Processing). It is still a new technology but no other labs offer any type of occlusion management.


My wife’s KS9 aids have Own Voice controls and my Phonak Audeo B90 aids have Occlusion Control.

Correct, I should be more specific. Hearing aid labs provide “Occlusion Compensation” which is simply a lowering of low frequency gain. This has been done for a long time and is beneficial.

Signia is the only lab to my knowledge that offers occlusion management which lowers the amplification of your own voice without affecting other people’s voices.


I was fitted with resound preza aids today at Costco. When I went I was expecting to be fitted with resound vidas.
I asked the fitter 2 starting questions. Given the results of my audio test would she expect that I could hear and understand many people including women without aids? I do lip read very well but can hear and understand a lot of conversations even when I can not see their lips. I asked this question because a number of people here have suggested I consider cochlear implants. She answered yes which suprised me.
The second question was what aid do you think will give me the best results?
I guess from what I’ve read on this forum, I was expecting that she would say the vida but she recommended the preza.
She recommended the high power with a removable dome and said these aids gave 4 steps that she could use to give me better results.
I trialled these and some Phillips aids. She did not have the type of dome she recommended but I seemed to be able to hear somewhat better as
I walked around the store including men and women talking along with ventilation equipment in the ceiling. There were a lot of shoppers in the store so I took this as a good sign.
What are your opinions of the choice?
I really did not want the rechargeable feature but the preza’s only come that way. I was a little concerned about charge life but she assured that I would get 20 hrs on a charge.
I have an android phone and I would have liked to be able to use Bluetooth but of course this is out.

The only aids that I am aware of that Costco sells that have the true Own Voice Processing is now the Rexton Adore Li. It is trained to recognize your own voice and then reduces gain only when you are talking. It is trained by counting out loud while the computer analyzes your voice signal. Once trained it can be set in three steps depending on how you hear it. It was available on the KS8’s but they are now gone. I have the KS8 and find it helps quite a bit with closed fittings.

I purchased a pair of KS8 just a week ago from Costco here in Georgia. I tried the KS9 but liked the KS8 better. My hearing loss is quite profound. I have been wearing HA for over 45 years and have had a number of good and not so good experiences with aids and audis. I would suggest you ask to see a different audi, perhaps the audi with the most experience in fitting someone with hearing loss similar to yours. There are a number of apps you can d/l to your android phone from Signia that should work well with the KS8, Rexton, Signia, Siemens hearing aids. Wishing you much success in finding a great fit soon.

Well, I was fitted with Resound Prizas at Costco yesterday.
I spent 2 hrs being fitted with the fitter on the phone with Resound for over an hour.
While doing the REM and adjusting the aids she got into an area where there was nothing but static. With the help of the Resound Rep, that was finally resolved but I had a lot of echo with both my voice and hers.
The fitter felt that the ear pieces had too much open area and kept changing to tighter fitting ones. She did not have the ones Resound reccommended so she put on some of another manufacturer. I had less of the “in a barrel” sound but still had some. I agreed to try them this way until she can get the reccommended ones.
This morning, I don’t seem to have as much of the problem but I’m essentially alone so I don’t know if the conditions are the same.
If the ear pieces don’t resolve the problem, the next step will be custom moulded ear pieces which will possibly put me back to where I was with the first fitting of ks9s. The fitter says if we get to that she will try to get variable vent molds. I really feel that no effort was made to determine if the ks9s could have been fixed in this way.
Possibly the biggest concern I have now is that I don’t have any idea where she is in the REM , where she is in adjusting the aids and if she has exhausted her or the Resound aid’s capability. It’s been years since I wore aids so I don’t really know if I’m better off or not.
Another thing came up. When I went in to order these aids I was told that Costco no longer sold Phonak aids since they make the ks9s. On this visit they displayed Phonak Brios. My preference was the Phonaks.
I know that some of you will say, change fitters or change Costco’s. Neither of these is a viable option.
Any comments would be appreciated.

This may be your biggest issue. It will probably take some time for you to adapt to aids. All the new sounds are likely overwhelming.

Your hearing loss is pretty bad and all over the place. The ski slope and a cookie bite all in one. Just guessing but I would think you have a very difficult hearing loss to fit.

Keep us posted.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you want to try the KS9s again, that is certainly your right. Tell your fitter what you told us. Not quite sure why you can’t change fitters unless the store only has one fitter or if you’ve tried others and they were worse. They may not like to sell the Phonak aids since they are an older platform than the KS9s.

I’m not asking for anything in particular.
I had found this forum had people who provided input from their experience so I thought I would relate my experience to see if anyone had faced similar issues and might share any solutions they had found.
Maybe they will still surface. In the meantime I’m sure I’ll work my way through the issues myself.

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