Help, how do I clean my (NHS) tubes/aid?

Hi everyone,

I was fitted with two NHS spirit zests with Corda 2 yesterday evening and during the fitting the lady told me that the Corda 2 would have to be regularly cleaned.

After reading the instructions, they say something about a “cleaning tool”, however the NHS did not provide me with this? Should they have?

My mom also said that once a week you are supposed to dry the aids out using a closed container and some kind of dry battery, but I did not get any of this either.

Am I supposed to buy all of this on my own or did the NHS make a mistake?

Hi Erin, yeah most of the NHS Audiology Departments do not provide any form of cleaning equipment, you basically buy your own, are an excellent source;

A Dry & Store box is best for keeping your HA’s in tip top condition I use mine’s every night, it also has a UV lamp which kills bacteria, my ear infections have been cut by half since I got it! These are a little pricey from Conavans;

Although, I picked up a new D & S from eBay for under £40:D

Cheers Kev:D

Hey Kev, thanks for your response! I shall get myself some cleaning stuff then.

Hi Erin, you are welcome. Keep your eye out for a Dry & Store box via eBay and good luck with the new aids!

Cheers Kev:D

You can also buy a Dry n Store on Amazon for a good price. Your HA should have come with a piece of what looks like fishing tackle to clean the Corda tubes. If it didn’t you should be able to get it from any Audiologist or if push comes to shove a bait and tackle shop ( you want new not used fishing line).

As a follow-up question, is it okay to clean the domes with some water? They’ve become a bit sticky and I’d like to use some water to clean them but am not sure if thats advisable?