Help - HL + tinnitus what are the best open fitting aids?

i’m italian, sorry for my poor english. I’m 35 and I have a loss in both ears at 30 db in low frequency and from 1000 to 8000 Hz up to 80/90 db and i have bilateral tinnitus too.
In italy had seen many doctors and audiologist for tinnitus and HL and after complete hearing tests performed the result is HA open fitting.
Local providers offers Oticon, Phonak and Siemens always more expensive and every audiologist pushed his product.
I spent hours trying to read everything I can about HA looking for the best choise to buy.
According to me it’s very important choose the brand and model correct for my loss and for tinnitus.
Quality of sound, tecnology, speaker inside or outside, battery, design and cosmetic appeal… gain up to 8000 Hz… these i’m considering.
Money is an issue but I will pay whatever it takes to obtain the functionality that is needed to deal with my moderate to severe high frequency loss.
I founded this site that have prices 40% less of the local providers. Do anyone know this provider?
My idea is to buy HA online and then i’ll pay the brand authorized local audi to program and maintenance.
I have seen oticon delta 8000 and i found it very beautiful and very little but other audi pushing phonak microeleva/microsavia/audeo or siemens acuris/centra.
Siemens centra active is water resistant uses rechargeable and replaceable batteries with a charger that dry them but the gain is only up to 7000 Hz/80db
Oticon delta 8000 is more little, gain up to 8000Hz but have #10 battery…
I don’t have seen phonak but it seems minor quality.
I am confused please help me!
Thank you very much kindly for any help and advice you can give!

i havefitted tons of delta it is a great instrument

In all fairness I would not say Phonak is of minor quality, In facts in some areas (fm Systems for instance) phonak has been the forefront…

To be quite honest, they have just entered with the Audeo with their open fitting way after some of the other players (siemens / Oticon for example) but their products are very good,

While Phonak has not yet enter the wireless age, they anounce a new wireless product so they are trying to catch up…

So those choices siemens sentra, Oticon Delta or Epoq if you could afford it or Phonak audeo are great instruments./…

It is imnportant to recognize that while you might be able to buy the same aid
at lower prices it is important to get the aid fit the right way, meaning you need to get all the test done properly, REM, etc…

I would advice you to seek profesional help and not perhaps the lowest cost…

Justin Bieber

Thank you so much for your quick response.
OK… i am seeking professional help but it’s not easy to find…