Help-HA died twice in 6 weeks

I received my first set of Siemen Pure RIC aids in Jan of this year and within a week or two LOVED them. It was like putting on glasses for the first time when you are found to be nearsighted…I could hear birds chirping out at the finch feeder, my shoes squeaking on the floor, my cat’s teeth chinking on his food bowl…and best of all, I could understand what my coworkers were saying to me ! ! ! Of course I take them out to sleep, shower, or swim, but I do wear them cycling, Zumba class, etc. I’ve now had one of them fail twice…6 weeks apart…requiring an entirely new module to repair it. The warranty covers it but I am concerned that at this rate they will cost me a fortune when the one year warranty is up. It has never failed during an activity but just when I am walking along…or sitting…doing nothing active. It has been warm and I am sure they are in a very humid environment under my biking helmet. Can this cause them to fail 1-2 days later ? Do I need something more hardy, like the Aquaris ?

Do you have a drier? Many people have electric ones, but I have a glass jar filled half-way with the little dessicant cylinders that come in prescription medication bottles. A pharmacist can collect enough for you to last quite a while in just a week. free

Sounds like you need a Dry n Store to keep your HA’s in when they aren’t being worn. Moisture will kill a HA pretty quickly and if you have had two failures 6 weeks apart I wouldn’t wait to long to get a D n S. Good luck!

Sounds like a drying storage container is the first place to start !

Sound like you need a dry and store. Simple maintance of aids really.