Help from a newbie (digital)

hello from a newbie.:slight_smile:

i have only skimmed the post’s on the forum :o

i had an in ear analog aid for 6 years.
i found it perfect for my needs.
i felt i was in control of it.
unfortunatly i lost it.:mad:
it was supplied by.Audio Medical Devices LTD. br33db uk.

my local hospital told me analog aids are no longer advisable.or available.

i had a digital one fitted, which i really didn’t get along with .:mad:
if say a motorbike drove past me my aid would just switch off.
any loud noise and it would just go off,leaving me high and dry.

i have now bought another digital aid through my local hospital.from P.C WERTH LTD.London.

it could be me,but i just don’t like it.
i feel it is controling me.

i would really like some tips on digital hearing aids.

as at the moment all i want is an analog aid.
so that i would be in control…

I have been wearing programmable analog hearing aids Beltone CSP-II since 1999 and was almost perfect for me. Unfortunately Beltone no longer produced it since 2005. Luckily, Beltone still provides parts up to 2010 and I am still trying to find programmable analog hearing aids on market right now. I am in Toronto, Canada. Recently, I just bought Oticon Egro BTE (analog programmable) and found it ok. But I think I still need some fine tune adjustment again maybe tomorrow. i will let you know whether it will work for me.

Yes, I am like you not like digital hearing aids since I feel digital hearing aids do not have enough gain to hear clear speech for my ears.

Analog lover.

hi analoglover…many thanks for your reply…

as you know i only joined here a few days ago, and posted quickly.

i have now had a few days to read over lots of topics.

the digital users seem to be delighted with their aids.:confused:

i am going to give it another try,but first of all ,i must make an apointment to get my new in ear digital adjusted,everything is sooooooooo very loud.

i will let you know how it goes.

Kerryoot, digital hearing aids are only as good as their design, and their programming.

One of the problems I have noticed is that digital hearing aids didn’t used to exist. This means that many hearing professionals who qualified more than 10 years ago, never even had to learn about programming digital aids nor was it part of the exams they sat.

As a result of this there are many frankly incompetent people out there who cannot correctly program a digital hearing aid to give the best results. Equally, there are many different kinds of digital.

If I told you that I just purchased a gasoline/petrol car and really liked it. Would that give you enough information to go and purchase a car, knowing that you would like it too? Of course not.

The term digital refers from some of the most basic almost analog aids like those with a Class D circuit, right the way up to the current state of the art technology that is available. Some of these devices are truly amazing, some are frankly pretty mediocre. But they are all digital in one way or another. So simply using the term digital, doesn’t denote quality or lack thereof.

You need to find a great combination of a quality hearing instrument, together with a hearing professional who is highly skilled at programming the device in question. When you get those two things right, you are home free. Unfortunately, finding both of these things can take some time and effort.

Good luck!