Help for a very newbie to all of this

Have been reading the forums hear and on several boards and am now ready to jump in (or be pushed by the wife and family is more like it)…So far:

Been to a top rated audiologist and the local Costco…trying to get impressions from two different sides. Tests were about the same and with the same results…good low frequency and terrible higher frequency. Based on my ego and concern each reccomended open fit BTE models.

Top end Audiologist = Siemens Centra Costco = Interton Shape

Top end audiologist wants me to order and pay for without trying on with money back (less 5%) if I am not satisfied. Costco will basically give me 60 days to be happy. Now the problem or concerns…

I tried the Intertons at Costsco and was well…underwhelmed. Granted you can’t get much from 15 minutes of walking around the aisles but short of my own voice sounding tinny (yes they were programmed) I really didn’t notice that much difference.

Must admit I am getting lost in the # of channels, e2e technology, speaker in the ear, etc., etc. and am wondering if I am likely to see a big change in the Centra’s from the Intertons.

Also was very put off by the “tinniness” of the Interton but have read that that may be uniqueto that brand/model. Has anyone tried both? Other options or choices I should look at? What is “must have” as far as technology and what is just show or buzzwords?

Many thanks in advance for any help and answers !!!

My hearing loss is probably fairly close to yours. I started with an Audibel HA and in the next few months I had three different aids because each one had something wrong with it, i.e. stopped working, volume control broke, etc. The HA helped some, but I was constantly changing the volume or the program…nothing ever seemed quite right. When the audi wanted to switch me to a fourth aid in less than a year (upgrade fee, of course), I decided that it was time to look elsewhere or do something different.

I went on-line and received a recommendation for a Sonic Ion. The Ion has no adjustments and based on my previous aid, I thought that I had to have an adjustable aid. They then recommended a Centra Life where you could change the program and volume with the remote.

I have been extremely pleased with the Centra Life open fit. I can put them on and forget that I even have them on. I have found no need to change programs or volume once they were set and thus never really do use the remote. They certainly have enabled me to hear the high frequencies that I was missing before and conversations with people are much easier. I now think that the Sonic Ion might well have worked well too and it seems that many people with the high frequency loss think highly of it. My own experience shows me that there is a great deal of difference in hearing aids. I am glad that I did not just give up based on my initial experience even though I was tempted to do so. For me, the Centra Life open fit has been very good. I can put it on, forget that it is even there, and have much better hearing. My wife is pleased that I hear her much better and the TV volume is now much lower than before.

Good luck. Finding the right hearing aid can make a big difference.