Hello Pinay73

@pinay73 how are you going with your rehab? I noticed in another thread you mentioned you had just been activated… Welcome to the group. Tell us about your journey so far. Are you picking up on any of the sound/words you are hearing yet? What device did you end up choosing? With each mapping you have sounds will become more clear to you. At first it’s very overwhelming all the noise your trying to guess sounds. This small group were here to help you. Good luck on your hearing journey…

Thank you for asking! I’m using Kanso 2 on my Left ear. I have a 3rd appointment on 1/27 It’s still hard to understand peoples voices. I hear random sounds. I keep changing the program. Hopefully it gets better in time.

You and I are not that far apart concerning our CI. I was activated October 21st, 2020. I am finding all the new sounds to be slowly turning into recognizable sounds. The CI will be very natural in time, no stress hearing.
How are you liking the K2? I am a bit jealous of you, I tried the K2 and it would not hold with the strongest magnet, maybe at a later date.

@pinay73 lots of streaming rehab, I joined our local library, they have free audiobooks I could borrow. I also borrowed the actual book as well listened and read along at the same time. Ted talks, any talk back radio. iAngelSounds & Hearoes I found these were ok but a bit basic for me as I could hear speech on activation. But they could be good for you. They are apps to download on your phone.
I did 2 hours minimum every day some day a lot more. Good luck.


At first it wouldn’t hold on my scalp so much. They gave me that string that clips on the hair. I was already on the strongest magnet. I think at the time my head was still swollen & I wasn’t putting it on the right spot. I hear alot of sounds like when I’m driving I hear roaring & my windows are up it kind of bothers me with that sounds.

I am new to all of this too. I can say most really loud sounds are tapering off.
All but the frequency of water running, frying food sound in a pan and the sound of our iRobot Roomba running. These are all the same frequency it seems like and are deafening to me. Ian not sure if this is a processor tuning thing or me just needing more time to adjust.

I’m just wondering if these sounds could be engine noise? Or just tyres on the road noise? Possibly somethings you haven’t heard for a long time. Can you hear the indicators clicking? Reversing signals beeping?
Changing the program is only giving you extra volume at this stage. You need to work through each program increasing the volume as you go. This helps to get the brain to understand the signals it’s receiving. Every new mapping will give you more clarity.

For me speech was on activation day. But it took 6 months for environmental sounds to start to fall into place. Our back fence borders onto a park full of trees. The racket all the birds make is deafening, especially if we are outside enjoying our summer evenings.

Do you use magnets 5 or 4 now?

Happy with your experience. I wish you a lot of progress and success