Heavy Ear Wax

I bought my hearing aids about 4 months ago and they are great…Siemens Cielo II…but I am having a big problem with heavy ear wax continually…clogs the domes up really bad …any suggestions??

You can go either go see your family doctor or your ear/nose/throat specialist (recommended) to get the wax removed from your ears. I have to go every 3-4 months and it gets worst when I am wearing an aid.

I also will be using wax guards on mine called NanoCare Super Wax Guard (from Widex) which you can change as needed. I believe other companies make them as well (ask your audiologist if that is something you can use with your aid).

Perhaps you could consider cleaning your ears (more regularly) to remove any excessive wax. There is lots of information on the www re ear cleaning and lots of products to it with. Your audi and ENT will also be able to provide you with guidance and information.

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I suggest you get a wax guard for your aids, and also you should consider getting an Ototek loop to clean your ears with regularly. I am like you and my ears produce heavy ear wax and the Ototek loop has been a life saver for me. Here is the link to see it: http://www.ototekloop.com/design.html

I got mine at Walgreens and it was only five bucks, and it’s the best invesment I ever made. I use it to get out the heavy wax deep in the ear canal, and then I use a Q-tip to clean out any water or wax it might have missed. The combo is working just great for me.

You see the loop has an ear guard on it to prevent you from going too far into the ear. I would still be careful though, because everyone’s ear canal depths are different and what is ok for me might not be ok for you. Also it is made of a durable plastic and you can scratch you canal if you do it too roughly, I accidentally did that the first time I used it. Since then I have not had any problems, I just go slowly and gently. You also need to wash it regularly to to prevent any harmful germs from getting in you ear. Still though this is the most amazing cleaning tool I have ever used, and my Audi was amazed at how clean my ear canals were on my last checkup.

My ENT doctor and my primary care physician both recommended a relatively new product on the market here in Upstate NY.

It is a cleaning solution that is dispensed with a sprayer…I can not remeber the product name but it was obvious when I went to the pharmacy counter in the store.

I use it plus I clean my aids with an alcohol wipe every night…some times during the day as well.

This worked well after I had my ears professionally cleaned…they were really gunked up when I first got my aids.


I believe the product mentioned above is Murine Earigate http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?CATID=100218&id=prod3430586. There are several similar products, also.