HearStore feedback?

Did a search and couldn’t find anything, so I’ll start a new thread

Any feedback or comments on https://hearstore.com/ ? Seem to have a hybrid model, where they sell online but have you go to local person for fitting and adjustment. Their prices are really good also (similar to online only places).

Wondering if anyone has dealt with them or has feedback.

I don’t quite get the business model of how they can sell HA so cheap AND cover a couple of visits to a local Audi. Seems almost ‘too good to be true’

Appreciate any insights

You do know those prices are for one hearing aid (right or left), right? right/right pun intended.

The number of visits will be limited. Typically: 3-4 visits They contract with a local audiologist for that much support. After that, you pay for each visit. New users tend to need more visits. You would also need to use/pay the audiologist when repairs are need.

I’ve gone through a similar setup, Hear.com, but their prices were not as cheap as online places. Maybe their prices were somewhere between the local audi channels and online places. If their prices were as cheap as online places, I’d be a bit leery and make sure I know the exact terms of the local service up front.

Because my purchase involved insurance payment, it was more complicated than out of pocket payment. In the end I didn’t do business with them but I ended up doing business with the local audi whom they referred me to, because the local audi was willing to work with my insurance company for a bigger discount than Hear.com was willing to give me.

Hear.com shows a very interesting national map :smile:


Ordered Some Phonak M90’s on Jan 10 - Promised approx in 2 weeks. Haven’t received yet (Feb 6). I’ve been able to email and keep getting promises but as of this morning I havn’t had success in even them calling me back. No one is even answering their phones. They advertise low prices, but unless you are local I wouldn’t recommend an online purchase. Now it looks like I’m going to have to try and get my monies back. Hope This helps anyone else considering them for an online purchase.

I would not recommend purchasing hearing aids from HearStore.com. They don’t have a physical address in Las Vegas and they are run by incompetent professionals mostly from Arizona. I am an Audiologist and have filed a lawsuit regarding their deceptive practices. These same professionals now own other online hearing aid and marketing services, like the one we are on. DO NOT BUY ONLINE FROM HEARSTORE.COM unless you want to be ripped off. More to come from me online shortly regarding this company. They are a shame to our industry.