HearStore Discontinues Oticon Products


Interesting that I had just been in a conversation with someone about the fact that my Oticon OPN 1 aids were replaced 5 times over the past year and a half due to various failures. My thought is it’s moisture related when ambient humidity increases (even though I use a dryer at night provided by Oticon) even though I have never had this issue in 15 years with an other aids including previous Oticon delta 4000 / 8000, Seimens and Starkey.

I contacted the HearStore to see what their pricing would be on the new OPN S and they wrote back and said they were discontinued due to reliability issues and too many failures and returns for service.

I then contacted an audi in Indiana whom I had seen for one of those replacements while working out of town last summer as I liked their practice to see what her prices would be and she advised that they have now stopped selling Oticon for the same reason.

Is something going on we aren’t being informed of?

I did ultimately order them via Amplifon for delivery next week so we shall see what happens.



I’ve had to send my OPN 1 in one time because the left one had a mic service warning chime. I’ve had to replace one right receiver and one left receiver one time each during the 2.5 years I’ve had them.

I live in a hot and humid climate.

My audi still sells and services them just the same.



jfenton, if you are upgrading from Opn1 to Opn S I would be extremely interested in your impressions of the Opn S. I have had Opn 1 for almost 3 years and I will be looking into buying new HAs in the next few months. You have apparently decided that it is worth it to upgrade. I hope you discover than the S is significantly better than the Opn 1.
I will attempt to trial the Opn S, Widex Evoke, and Phonak Marvel before deciding which to buy (or stay with the Opn S for now).
Please let us know how you like the Opn S. Thanks.