Anyone had experience with HearPod hearing aids ???:slight_smile:

I have had my open fit HearPod 3’s for about 3 months now

They are very comfortable and saved me a bunch compared to buying them locally. They were $695 each, compared to $2,500 each locally…a big difference.

Works well for the price.

Here is a post I saw on another forum: Might help you out.

It is now over a year since I purchased a pair of custom fitted ITC HearPod II for $1,148 from http://www.myhearpod.com. Here is the link to my initial review of the product:


I did get a chance to use the software provided by the manufacturer. It has a Quick Fit feature which automatically programs the HA based on wearer’s audiogram after the wearer has selected the hearing environment for each of the four memories. Built-in Fitting Assistant provides suggestions to tweak settings to resolve hearing issues. And if you are daring or experienced the program gives you the capability to program each parameter individually. Programming can be done with the HA in your ears this way you know if the changes you are making are helping or not. It turns out that my HAs were optimally programmed by myHearPod.com for my hearing loss and self programming did not provide any improvement.

Before purchasing my Hearing Aids and for a few weeks after getting them I had numerous conversations with myHearPod’s staff and found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful however I have not had any problems with these hearing aids hence I can not comment on manufacturer’s warranty service.

More than a year later I am still a very satisfied user of these Hearing Aids and would not hesitate to recommend them though I am sure there are better technologies on the market today worth considering. This brings me to a point I had made when I was comparing different HAs. No matter what we purchase, within a year or two there will be better products on the market. When the time comes to upgrade it would be less painful to discard an $1,100 pair as compared to a $3,000 to $7,000 pair.