HearPod Experience Anyone?

I am just beginning my search for hearing aids. I have know for a long time I have hearing loss & completed my hearing tests just recently and my visit to the ENT doctor confirming that I don’t have any medical conditions that may be my problem. It would be helpful if anyone on this forum can report on any experience they have had with the HearPod - it is sold only (as far as I can tell) by an on-line provider. If you are interested in what this provider has to offer and the prices they offer you can find it at www.myhearpod.com - They make a lot of claims but I’m not convinced they are completely true. The prices they quote and the comparisons they make with well known mfrs. just might be one of those “too good to be true” deals. Would appreciate some comments on this.

They use at least some of the same technology as America Hears - ADRO.

I’ve not had any experience with this company, but have purchased aids from America Hears and have been completely satisfied.


Here is the problem with buying HAs online. Programing.More important than the HA.Most online sellers provide only a ‘first fit’. Most buyers will need more adjustments.If the seller will provide them(some won’t,regardless of what they say) you will find the mail adjustment process quite unsatisfactory.You could try finding a fitter to adjust them.Hard to do. Having said this,two online sellers offer the option of user programing. Hearsource,and America Hears. About the same cost as Hearpod. I chose AH because of better tech(speaker in ear,front&rear adaptive directional mics,32 ch.ADRO dsp).Exellent results. Djr

I would highly recomend U get them, with a local audi or HIS
If price is the issue get @ costo