Anyone have any opinions on working with HearPO, I probably should have asked before going into a trial with them, but the terms seemed pretty good and didn’t see any crazy stories online. Audi said they loved working with them.

*60 Days trial

*Full Money Back

*No Restocking Fee

*Pay Up Front (really, almost everyone wanted me to pay up front anyway, no one trusts insurance co’s anymore it seems…and I don’t blame them)

*They will provide claims forms and receipts to file for insurance (my insurance recommended going through them as well)

*Will let you switch to another brand of hearing aid to trial and go back to original
and most importantly…had GREAT discounts on the aids. In fact, I couldn’t find an audi who could match their prices.

The main reason I went with them was because the price was lower by $1400…my thinking was if my insurance company screwed me and didn’t pay 100% like they claimed they would, at least I would lessen the amount I would owe, thereby making it more feasible I would pay the difference and keep the aids.

Comments? I ask now because I wonder why more people don’t use them or I haven’t read anything about them yet.

I used HearPO a couple months ago, when I recieved my first HAs. Since this was my first set, I have no other experience to compare it with. But I have no complaints - saw similar advantages to those you listed.

They also provide 2 years of batteries at no charge. I believe HearPO is also providing “one-time-replacement” policy (might be provided the Audi’s office, but I think it’s from HearPO). That is, if you lose/smash/drown an aid within the first 2 years of ownership, they will replace it once after you pay the deductible. If you lose that same aid again, you’re out of luck. But if you lose the other one, you’re covered. Deductible on my HAs is $350 per unit (HearPO purchase price was $2495/unit).

Again, I’m not sure how any of this compares to other providers/programs, but I’m happy with the service at this point.

I agree. Very positive experience with them.

As a professional I also like working with HearPO.

Quick Update for future users:

It’s been a little over a month since I got fitted with my aids through HearPO. I heard (no pun intended) that it takes a little while to get your paperwork, receipts, etc., but I was able to call them and have that expedited since I was trying to get my insurance to cover the cost of the aids well before the trial period ended. They had all the paperwork, extra batteries, etc. to me in about 3-4 days. The universal claims form I received from them, which was also conveniently completed for me, was submitted to my insurance carrier and it was approved for the full amount within a week.

I think that part of the reason my insurance covered everything without question was because I chose to go through HearPO, whom they suggest (but don’t restrict you to). Had I gone with another Audi (who didn’t use HearPO), I would have had to file a claim where the aid alone would have been $1,400 more expensive. It’s not because the Audi was jacking their prices up, but simply that HearPO does enough business that they can command those kind of discounts from the manufacturers.

All in all, a very positive experience and I would recommend them to others.

I can’t speak specifically to HearPO, but I’ve received promotional material from a number of similar companies (ones that handle the entire transaction and only pay the provider a “fitting fee”). Since others have went over the PROs I’m going to go over some of the potential CONs with this type of company:

It’s worth noting that when selling themselves to us providers these companies often have a very different sales pitch. I recall one in particular promoted all of the “additional fees” you’d be able to charge patients they sent your way! The idea was they’d charge patients a lower price for the aids, and you’d accept a lower “fitting fee.” To compensate for this the sale would include a more limited service package and they actually suggested that you gouge patients on service and office visits after the first couple years. Well, they didn’t use the word “gouge,” but that was certainly how I interpreted their suggested fees! Again, I really want to clarify that I don’t know whether or not this is what HearPO does, but it is fairly common with this type of company.

From a common-sense standpoint realize that sites like HearPO (like many other businesses) are trying to be as profitable as possible by inserting themselves as one additional middleman who stands to profit from your purchase. Definitely investigate their offer, but be sure to ask what (if anything) you’re giving up for the lower price and consider comparing to a local competitor with more of a “full service” package. No matter how you get there, clinics need to make a certain amount per patient to keep their doors open. If they’re making less on each sale and initial fitting that difference needs to be made up somewhere!

I think you have valid points as there are a lot of shady ‘discount’ shops out there which may use some of these tactics. But one great thing about HearPO is that my followup appointments are free (for a year I think)

I’d be disappointed if only a year’s worth of appointments are included. All of my fittings include free appointments and follow-on care for as long as you own the hearing aids (and this is a fairly common practice in the industry). If they’re going to strip away service to get to a lower price point they should at a minimum match the warranty period (or is that only 1 year on the aids you purchased?).

I can see HearPO (and similar companies) being a good choice for a more experienced wearer who knows what they’re getting into, but for those new to hearing aids it would pay to do the additional research and see if you’re truly saving the money you think you are.

Usually HearPO has a longer warranty period, 2 or 3 years plus batteries I think.