HearPO and Aetna

After much research, it appears to me that HearPO has the best pricing for the IIcs, (Soundlens). They need the money upfront,but tell me that Aetna will reimburse me for the devices.
My policy states that it will pay 80% of an in-network provider. A couple of questions for those of you who have used HearPO;
Were you happy with their service? And did the insurance issue resolve favorably for you?
I finally found an Audi who says she has a lot of experience in fitting IICs, so I’m hoping this all works out. As always, thanks for the feedback.


I used Aetna and HearPO. I’m very happy with HearPO and the price was the lowest I could find. Aetna paid 100% within 1 week of filing the claim.

Thanks! I hope mine goes as well.

Just be sure to call HearPO a few days after your audi appointment. Have them expedite the request. They will send you a universal claims form that you’ll need to send to Aetna (they accept this). Aetna also paid for my mintier and extra fm receiver