Has anyone ever heard of Hearmax hearing center? They are advertising in our local paper. They offer the WOW invisible hearing device. Their web site is www.wowinvisiblehearing .com

Any input would be helpfull. I may give them a call and see if there is a free trial period.

It looks to good to be true, but if I am not out anything to try it may be worth a try.

Just checked…Approx price $800.00 a pair, and have to replace units every four months…I will pass. I am going in to see what hearing aids they do have to offer.

I would not recommend the Wow device. It’s the same as the Lyric with a different brand name on it.

It stays in your ear and you can’t remove it. It can cause poor health to your ear.

If you would like something small, go with the Otolens. You can remove it daily. Plus, it’s top of the line digital technology where the Wow and Lyric are analog.

Thanks, I will check on the Otolens.

I agree that the Otolens is probably better, however, in my research (I’m also looking for an invisible HA), it makes no difference whether the aid is digital or analog (if it did, Lyrics would go digital) because of the proximity of the aid to the ear drum. You’re pulling in a pure “analog” sound (ever heard of the higher quality analog music from a record player?) right on the ear drum.

Hopefully an audi can correct me on this.

Update…I am looking at AXIO ST cic’s.

I see where you’re coming from, but what do you mean by higher quailty from a record player? There is also a reason why the top hearing aid manufacturers don’t make analog circuits any more. That technology is almost completely obsolete.

I’ve dealt with some analog circuits that you can actually program (Oticon). You’re extremely limited though. It also depends on the hearing loss. An analog aid may work good for some, but to fit “everyone” with analog, that would not be appropriate.

That is a Starkey (Microtech) aid. They’re nice aids.

Hi hearagain,
Again, I am not an audiologist or even know much about audio production, however, I believe that the digital hearing aids still convert the audio signal to analog for output. The lyric bypasses this because they want to fit the smallest battery possible in the device…and an analog intake requires less power than a digital aid. However, the Otolens is a digital system and they can get away with using a battery of the same size, but you have to change them like every 3 weeks or less…and the Lyrics needs to do it without needing to change the battery all the time because you you can’t do it yourself!

At least that’s my understanding…

I would still recommend the Lyric device, not really much difference between that and the Wow, the only noticable difference really is the price, a pair of wow’s start from £800

You’re right about the analog part.

The down side about having something in your ear without taking it out is that it’s just not healthy for the ear canal. I’m actually suprised that the FDA is still allowing this device to be used.

Sorry , i have not heared of it , but i would like to check their website for more understanding , in the meanwhile , i will have a try , so that i can judge if it’s good or bad .

It is also my understanding that the Lyrics had a recall at some point not too long ago because of battery leakage.

Now, as much as I seem to negatively review the Lyrics, I am still interested in them and will take them into consideration if the Otolens will not work for me. I will do anything to have an invisible HA that can be fitted in the 80db range for high frequency loss.

I think this newer technology is good news for most of us!


What was your hearing loss again?

I just fit a pair of the otolenses on someone today, and he seemed to reallly like them.


My loss is as follows:

.25K = L 25 R 20
.5K = L 30 R 25
.75K = L 55 R 40
1K = L 70 R 65
1.5K = L 75 R 75
2K = L 85 R 80
3K = L 85 R 80
4K = L 80 R 85
6K = L 80 R 80

I would say that your loss is pushing the fitting range of the otolens. If they can get a deep enough impression it will probably work for you though. It only has 35db of gain but with the increased sound pressure it will increase by being closer to your eardrum.

I just got the ear impressions taken for the Otolens. My question to you is…what kind of hearing improvement can I expect at a minimum with the Otolens? 50%? 30%?

What is your discrimination score?

I’m very curious to see how you like these aids.


I go pick them up today! Will report back…

I would think that if that’s your score, you should be able to acheive close to that with the otolense.