An ad came across recently about how hearing aids are bad for you. They said this new “Hearingfam” is much better.

Anybody heard of this product?

Don’t laugh. Not everyone needs $6000 hearing aids .

I totally agree. I sure haven’t.

This ad came up on Facebook. I watched the video and thought it was bogus nonsense. Just wanted to see if any members has heard of it.

I’ve seen a heap of these products floating around on cutprice tech websites. For as low as $15. I can’t comment on how good they are but I suspect they’re simply volume amplifiers. They may serve a good purpose though in potentially bringing down the price of HAs as over the counter ‘volume’ aids become more technologically advanced.

"Hearingfam"…complete nonsense! A "fits-all does nothing for anyone silly scam"

Looks like Scamming?

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When the ad mentioned hearing aids damaging the wearers ears I though scam also. Just didn’t make sense.

Hearingfam is a total scam. FDA cert of all legitimate hearing aids is exhaustively designed to prevent hearing damage. Hearingfam is not.

The product looks like crap, too.

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