Hearing Tracker Tips for Newbies


Five Forum Tips follow:

TIP #1: Here’s two methods to help navigate the forums; Navigation Method 1 is for navigating only the main forum categories. Click the Blue-Ear-Logo to navigate the main forum categories. The Blue-Ear-Logo is always in the upper left corner of your display. If you get lost, click the Blue-Ear-Logo to find your way home. When you read a topic you will start from the top initially. But after you read all the replies you will start from the beginning of new replies when you return to read this topic again. You will also start from the top if you are not logged on. The Blue-Ear-Logo looks like this:
Navigation Method 2 is for navigating all forum categories. Some people prefer to navigate all forum categories using two mouse clicks on (Hamburger and Latest) like this;

TIP #2: Here’s how to enter your Audiogram;
Read the instructions below and then visit your Profile https://www.hearingtracker.com/my-profile
Once you are in your Profile then find links to:
Enter your audiogram, or Update My Hearing Test
There are two ways to enter your audiogram. Graphically you can mouse drag the X’s and O’s around or switch to Manual Entry to just type in the numbers.

Many Hearing Tracker members now have their audiogram numbers graphically depicted in a colored chart that can easily be made available for viewing with just one click on their avatar. When you are reading a topic/thread (like this one) you may notice that some avatars have a little “avatar flair”/headphone icon at the lower right of the avatar. That indicates that they have entered their audiogram for other members to view. Click one of those avatars now to see what your audiogram will look like after you enter it.

TIP #3: Here’s a link below for how to change your Username to replace that ugly system generated username like this one (621f74f0c27b178b6449). How to change your username (and name). Don’t forget to Save Changes.

TIP #4: Here’s a link for How to Upload an Avatar.
Avatars look like this: Capture

TIP #5: You may have noticed some members have a Flag and Location atop each post. You can personalize your profile with extra information. Click the following link for instructions on how to
Enter Location, National Flag, and About Me.

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This is helpful to me being a newbie. Thanks!


I remember that in the old forum, one can add information like what kind of hearing aids one is wearing, or a history of HAs one used to wear. I don’t see that information in the new forum anymore. Is there a way to retrieve that, or re-enter it?


Let’s enter Location, National Flag, and About Me. First, click your own Avatar in the upper right of your display and then click Preferences/:gear: and scroll down to click Profile like this,

Over the counter or online hearing aid brands

Yeah, I actually have it as part of the old non-graphical audiogram actually. It used to show until they replaced it with the graphical audiogram. But I found that if I click on the “+X more” tab, that information in the “Abut Me” shows up on top of the graphical audiogram again.


Here’s what I did for that info - click on the icon for yourself (avatar) and then click on the small settings icon:


Next click on Preferences and then on Profile:

Fill in the info that you want to appear when someone clicks on your avatar as you can see for mine.


Yep, I like it in the About Me box too. Oh, you can skip clicking Preferences, just click Profile.

PPL will click your Avatar to see your Audiogram and the same click will show them this,



See, that’s not the case when I click on my avatar. The About Me info is not there at the top of the graphical audiogram like in your case. I’d have to click on the “+8 more” tab before my About Me info pops up on top of the graphical audiogram.

So why does yours show right away and mine require an extra click on the “+8 more” tab to appear?


Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. We’re going to look into this for you.


I dunno. When I click on your +8 I still don’t see anything, nothing, nada. Maybe the About Me box is picky about formatting. Try putting in only simple text like XXXXXX.


Well, it just got more interesting since you don’t see anything when you clicked on my +8 but I do when I click on my +8!

Let’s see if Abram will be able to figure this out…


@Volusiano Looks like the issue has to do with the height (in lines) of your profile bio. I tested it out and 3 lines seems to be the max. I removed the following from your bio, since we have the visual audiogram, I assumed you wouldn’t mind. Now your info is showing up in the card.

KHz 0.25…0.5…0.75…1.0…1.5…2.0…3.0…4.0… 6.0…8.0

Left …10…10…10…30…70…75…80…95… …90…80
Right .25…30…40…55…75…85…90…90…1 00…100


Thanks Abram for figuring this out! I don’t mind because like you said, it’s redundant now with the graphical audiogram.


The ear logo is handy, but if I’m browsing recent posts, I prefer using the 3 lines next to the avatar and clicking on latest post. Both work just fine though.


Yep, your Hamburger/Latest works same as Blue-Ear-Logo/Latest-Tab.


Added examples of free Avatars to the Op/Original Post. Hint, Hint.

Your colorful alphabetical circles are boring and difficult to distinguish. Seriously!

Avatars are easy to switch to another Avatar if you change your mind, just upload another.


But I like boring and being incognito. :smile:


Oh, yeah, you blend :grin:

My point is, who the heck is W, E, or V. because I don’t recall,

Here’s another example. Too many M’s to know who said what?


You don’t like M&Ms?