Hearing Tracker Podcast - Tentative Guest List

Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on putting together a podcast for consumers with hearing loss. Here’s our tentative guest list:

  • Kevin Franck @ Mass Eye and Ear (previously Bose, EarMachine)
  • Nicholas S Reed @ Johns Hopkins
  • Andy Bellavia @ Knowles
  • David Cannington @ Co-Founder Nuheara
  • Nick Hunn @ Bluetooth SIG / WiFore
  • KR Liu - Head of Brand Accessibility at Google
  • Chad Ruffin, MD - Otolaryngologist in Seattle. CI wearer
  • Cliff Olson, AuD - YouTube personality
  • Edmund Farrar - Co-Founder Oto Health app
  • Giles Tongue - CEO, Co-Founder ChatableApps

The reason I’m posting this is to invite you all to pose any questions you may have for any of the guests listed above. Also, if you have any ideas for potential guests, please send me a private message or leave a comment on this thread. Thanks, and looking forward to publishing our first episode soon! :slight_smile:

Oh, and forgot to mention, we’ll be publishing this on YouTube with captioning.


For Andy Bellavia: can he please sell the AISonic IA611 chipset readily builtin and working for end-users? (see for example Amazon AVS)


And others who might know. He wears one HA and fits HAs for a living, so he might know a lot.

Tips & tricks for people who need only one HA bc other one is good one, especially about technology: how to get phone call in both ears, or stream, that has the same latency. How to get input from roger mics in both ears, bc in noise, it’s hard to both ears and brain to process it.

How to train brain to process so much different sounds. Is that possible or will always be big effort even when streaming TV / podcasts in otherwise quiet environment?

When would he recommend that people look at two devices just for the purpose of having less difference in incoming sounds (latency at least), like based on difference between hearing, or situation or something else.

Anything else he might want to add to single ear HA wearers that might be helpful in complex listening situations (workplace meetings, conferences and networking events, restaurants, loud public transport)?

Edit: yeah, forgot to say - great idea! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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Could you post a trailer to Spotify so I could follow it right now?

Also, please invite Andrew Sabin, Research Lead at Bose Hear, about OTC hearing aids.

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Nick Hunn:

Thank Nick for the work he’s done with Bluetooth SIG. It’s much appreciated. I don’t know if all of these questions make sense. Anyway…

Will a future Bluetooth Hearing Aid Profile provide a standard interface between aids and phone to control the aids? Would we be able to control our aids (mute/volume/select program) with a third part app on our phone?

Will a future Bluetooth Hearing Aid Profile provide a standard interface for programming our hearing devices? Would we be able to program our aids or other hearing devices with an app on our phone- one that tests our hearing or takes the results of a hearing test as input and applies a fitting formula but is not locked to a brand of hearing device?

Will future accessories that work with LE Audio (microphones/streamers) be truly interoperable between brands or will a hearing aid manufacturer still be able to lock in an accessory to its own brand?

Can you envisage a future where (as an example) each table at a restaurant will have its own Bluetooth LE Audio hub (with microphones) that can be connected to by diners around that table to enable conversation for hearing impaired people?

Can you think of synergy between LE Audio and Bluetooth location services introduced in Bluetooth 5.1 eg using the location of 2 hearing aids relative to the location of a Bluetooth source to determine whether the hearing aid wearer is facing the source and then adjusting the volume accordingly?

Thoughts on current timeline. Has Covid-19 set back development?

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Should be this week. Will update you.

OK, the trailer is up. It will take time before the podcast is available for all the major distribution channels, but here’s where you can subscribe so far:

We will also be publishing captioned versions on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here: https://youtube.com/hearingtracker

Thanks for all the feedback. Should be helpful when gearing up for interviews.


Here’s a video example:

Is this going to be mostly product talk?

It will be a mix … the guest list should give you some ideas.