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My name is Abram Bailey, and I am the president of Hearing Tracker, Inc.

I would like to formally introduce our recently launched website http://hearingtracker.com

Hearing Tracker is completely devoted improving success with hearing aids through seeking honest and open consumer reviews. Click on this recent hearing aid review for a sample of what our reviews look like:

For a better view, see the

  • (http://hearingtracker.com/styles/538)

    What makes Hearing Tracker different from other product review websites?

      Reviews are linked to audiograms and hearing professionals. Is the device successful for mild losses? Severe losses? Who fits the model best in my area?
  • Hearing Tracker allows you to filter reviews based on your own audiogram, excluding reviews that aren't relevant to you and your hearing level.
  • Hearing Tracker forum posts are linked to user profiles, where you can see the user's reviewed devices and audiogram, on a graph!
  • Hearing Tracker sends you [free hearing aid batteries](http://hearingtracker.com/batteries) for each review provided
  • For a full breakdown of benefits please visit our new [Consumer Guide](http://hearingtracker.com/consumer-guide)
  • Hearing Tracker was developed from the ground up specifically to account for the issues of variability in hearing loss and audiologist skill level. Reviewing hearing devices is unlike reviewing any other product on the market because of these factors, and now we finally have a way to isolate the product quality!

    We are a young company, and need your help in getting our new system off the ground, so we can help the multitudes of people looking for good advice about hearing aids.
    Please visit Hearing Tracker today to review your hearing aids today. Don’t forget to consult the Consumer Guide if you get lost!

    Best of all, we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Please contact me at abram@hearingtracker.com or reply to this post with comments/questions.

    Many thanks, this has been a long time coming,

    Abram Bailey
    Hearing Tracker, Inc

    Happy New Year and thanks for your ongoing support of Hearing Tracker!

    Just wanted to send a little update that the Oticon Nera hearing aids have been added to Hearing Tracker. I would like to encourage anyone who has recently been fitted with the Oticon Nera to review their devices.

    Here is a link to the Oticon Nera miniRITE

    To find other Nera devices simply type “Nera” into the Device Finder

    The offer of free hearing aid batteries is still available for US residents.

    Thanks very much!! :smiley:

    Hello! :slight_smile:

    It’s been a while since my last update, so I thought I’d let everyone know about the recent changes over at Hearing Tracker.

    We recently attended the AudiologyNow convention in Orlando (the biggest US conference for audiology) to officially launch Hearing Tracker to the audiology community. Here is a photo of our booth:

    The overall reception of Hearing Tracker (from audiologists and the industry) was very good, and we were able to more than double our current audiologist listings.

    We have also had some help from an external web design firm to make Hearing Tracker look better on mobile devices. Here is a sample taken from my Nexus 5:

    Lastly, we have added a number of new hearing aids, including the Starkey 3 Series and Halo lines. We have also included the new made for iPhone Resound LiNX.

    I would encourage anyone with experience with the Halo or LiNX to submit a review to help others make better purchasing decisions! If helping people isn’t your thing, we are also running a special limited promo through Spring 2014 where you will receive:

    6 months of free hearing aid batteries

    …just for reviewing your hearing aids. Please enter your audiogram before submitting the review to be eligible. Otherwise you will only be entitled to the typical 3 months free supply!

    As always, thank you for the help! We are really proud of Hearing Tracker, and appreciate your time in helping out. :wink:

    PS. Other review websites, like healthyhearing.com, are owned by large hearing aid manufacturers. We are privately owned, and the only open, transparent, and trustworthy resource.