Hearing to bad for Cochlear but

I had a Stapedectomy surgery about a year ago and I have been hearing aids in both ears. After surgery sounds have been mostly been muffled in the ear that had the surgery; which I’m wearing a Super Power aid in. For the past couple of weeks now everything has been muffled. From day one it has been hard to hear in the ear

I asked my ENT if I’m a candidate for a Cochlear Implant or a BAHA. I was told that my hearing was to bad for a Cochlear and my hearing is not bad enough for a BAHA.

Wanted to know if this true according to my hearing loss. I’m asking this as the hearing aids aren’t working for me; I have tried many different types of aids and have worked with my dispenser and it isn’t working for me.

Was thinking also by using a Cochlear implant would help with bypassing the inner ear issues.

Audiogram: (Test 6/28/16)

250 500 1K 2K 4K 6K 8k

45 35 55 60 55 55 65 (Left)

80 70 80 80 80 80 90 (Right)

You need to show us your audiogram for us to comment.

Audiogram posted. Thanks

You’ve got a moderate loss in your left ear and a severe loss in your right ear. Whoever said your loss was too bad for a CI is wrong as people who are profoundly deaf get CIs.

Thanks for your reply.

Since I don’t know to much about Cochlear implants. Is there a fitting range for them?

Would it be worth trying to find someone that I can talk to about them; and see if a implant would work better for me instead of hearing aid route?

If your ENT can’t offer a better explanation, I’d seek a second opinion from an ENT (perhaps somebody known for doing BAHA and Cochlear implants). This is well beyond me, but I would think it would be the reverse of what you said–perhaps not bad enough for Cochlear implants, but too bad for BAHA, but I’m just going from a quick, casual search.

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get a 2nd opinion, that one is a real twatwaffle! (you could also look at the Hybrid CI, those are for moderate to profound hearing loss and this is what my mom has)

You are right! Had to re-read what the doctor wrote; which is my hearing is to bad for BAHA and to good for the Cochlear implant.

Was going to ask if there was a way to try the head band BAHA to see if there is a improvement from the what I can hear using my hearing aids. But I’m thinking that I wont be allowed to do so; due to my hearing test result.

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Again, from just a little reading, I’m not sure how appropriate BAHAs are. From reading, they’re more aimed at conductive losses, although perhaps yours is being post stapedectomy? I think the solution is finding a professional you trust.

Ran across the below superpower processor. Would this fit my hearing loss?

The Cochlear™ Baha® 5 SuperPower Sound Processor

Created for those with a substantial degree of hearing loss—up to 65 dB—the Cochlear™ Baha® 5 SuperPower Sound Processor is the industry’s first head-worn super power bone conduction solution. As the most powerful member of the Baha family of sound processors, it is designed to help those struggling to understand conversations even with power hearing aids.

You need your bone conduction results first for anyone to recommend if the BAHA will work or not.

I attached a copy of my last hearing test; as I’m bad at reading them.

If I understand correctly, you’re wanting to consider this for your right ear? If so, a 65dB device is not going to be adequate for approximately 100dB loss. You also have remarkably good word recognition scores.

From the impression I get from you, it sounds like the right ear adds nothing to (maybe even detracts from) speech understanding. From your word recognition scores, I find this odd, but if it is indeed the case, you could consider BiCROS. Disclaimer: I’m not an audiologist, but this is my take. I think the “solution” is to find an ENT and/or audiologist that you trust and work with them.

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You fit the BAHA to the bone line, which is up there with the left ear. Nonetheless, ENT is right. Hearing in the right ear is too good for a CI and too bad for a BAHA. Doesn’t seem like it was a hugely successful stapedectomy surgery. So high powered BTE with a full earmold is the solution. Unless you can find an ENT who thinks he can do a better job, but we don’t know what the complicating factors of the surgery were. Sometimes they go in and it just turns out that problems in the middle ear are too complicated for a good surgical outcome.


Ok; Wearing a Siemens Super Power BTE right now. Need to have the volume turned up; then I will see if there is a difference.

Another thing; a full earmold- do you mean a full shell earmold? Right now I have Skeleton ear molds. I wonder if full shell earmolds would help any; I know that if I turn the Right side aid up-get a lot of feedback.

Thanks For Your Help