Hearing Thoughts / Log

So I am being a bit of an obsessive weirdo on my hearing going into this whole process I have found myself in. I read on here in a bunch of posts about talking to one’s audiologist/hearing aid fitter about one’s experiences hearing in order to help them help one’s self (“Help me help you!”).

So, since this week I have been on travel for work to a place I go frequently, in the types of meetings I frequently find myself in, and need to be able to survive if not function/actively participate in (and not look like a deer in the headlights when some goes “Matt!” or whacks me on the knee), I took notes along with my regular notes on things I was not hearing correctly or at all. I am curious what folks might think about this. I know I don’t have an audiogram linked into my profile yet so that datapoint / comparison will have to standby. From what I recall my loss is 35 dB sloping to 55 ish from maybe midway on the chart (at least as of mid Dec). It seems to be fluctuating a bit so I don’t really know. Also, this was in a 25 ft square conference room around a U-shaped table with seating on both the inside and outside of the U and multiple projectors on different walls. Preeeeeetty challenging. Head on a swivel.

Format is (mishead - correct) in parens. Other words are context. Most of the speakers are relatively familiar to me, which helps. Some I am still guessing at, or know from context despite what my brain is sure I heard.

Generally, I missed several jokes and it’s always weird when you are the only person in the room not laughing along. Yikes. Women are the hardest, no surprise. I struggled to hear my program manager across a 2.5 foot wide table but she was talking low to me to not step on briefs (I tried to fall back to passing stickies but she would always try to talk back to me in response). One gal on my team I straight cannot hear. She is soft spoken and it’s just lips moving. Another gal in our meeting (but not with my crew that I see day to day) sounds like an off frequency radio or what I remember of radio chatter from Echo Base on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. Kinda weird. The greatest trouble I had consistently throughout the week has been when all these smart people start talking more than one at a time. Person talking in front plus person talking to side or behind equals garble garble mess, and often there were multiple group conversations that would start up.

Some random mishearings…

On the (bat cave - back page)
(Peacapped - Decaf) (yes I know its not a word, it’s what I heard)
Just like (my kid - Mike did)
(ENG - EMG - EMD) (all were right in different context but I cannot really tell apart)
(Blue - Glue) (I think these were both right at different times)
(Meet - Need)
(Mac - Matt) (Both correct in different context, cannot distinguish)
(Fiber - Cyber)
(OT - OG) (Both correct, context; OG hinestly never occurred to me until lunch someone else made a point to say directly to me one on one if I knew what OG referred to and then expanded it and I said (paraphrasing), “you’ve been saying OG this whole time? Never even occurred to me.”)
(PFS - TFS) (Both correct, context)
(MPG/NVG/NBG - NPG) (Three different speakers all sounded different but none like what I was suspposed to hear I guess)
(GMTS - GMCS) (This one I was corrected about via text; I asked my peep and she said no, it’s this, and this is what that means)

So those are my random musings. Wonder if anyone else does / has done /.cintinues to do this. I will probably continue for a while because I am a giant nerd and I am interested in doing better.

I even sent an email to my Audi before my appointment so my Audi has time to prepare for the fitting, it has worked great for me. And yes I keep a daily journal and have done so since I was about 7 years old. When I got aids I added thoughts about my hearing and hearing aids. When I decided to lose weight I even added the foods I eat daily. It is just a part of my life.

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That’s awesome. I have tried to journal over the years but it never clicked for me. A couple of months ago I started writing a memoir for our future kids so they can learn about where they came from. That’s about the closest I have ever got to a journal.

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I agree that you need to discuss all of this with your audiologist

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+1 on emailing the audi before the appointment. In first starting out, I found this to be an extremely helpful tool. The part where it was most beneficial was in addressing multiple concerns, making sure all items were addressed and that I didn’t forget to mention something that was a daily concern. Now that it’s more minor tweaks and I’m more accustomed to wearing aids vs not, I’ve lapsed from sending emails before every appointment. But for big issues, try to make sure I do make a record and ensure that I still send an email as it helps with the flow.

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