Hearing test through hearing aids


I searched for an answer to this question without success. Perhaps someone can answer this or point me to an answer.

Once an audiogram has been performed and the selected hearing aid programmed and fitted, real ear messaurents are sometimes (and should) be performed. From this measurement, adjustments are made to the fitting based on how the aid produces sound at the various frequencies as picked up by a microphone inserted in to the ear canal between the receiver and the eardrum.

My question is, once fitted, why not use the fitting software to perform a hearing test much like the initial hearing test that uses headphones? It seems to me that an audiogram created by the wearer pressing a button to indicate when tones generated by a perfectly fitted hearing aid are heard by the wearer would be a better indication of whether the fit has reached its target.

Any audiologist that can comment on this would be much appreciated.


In situ versus REM


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Some software offers this. It’s called in-situ audiometry. You self generate test tones across each frequency and listen through your hearing aid to find the threshold level where you start hearing the test tone. This will line up against your original audiogram that you input into the software so you can see how far off your in-situ result is compared to your original audiogram. You then are given a choice to represcribe your amplification based on your new in-situ result. However.

It’s not clear to me whether this will erase the REM adjustment you already have in place or not. It likely will, and you may have to record the adjustment so you can repeat it after doing the in-situ. Either that or do the in-situ up front then do REM after that, which is the better way to do it.

However, normally the targeted prescription used by the REM is usually based on the original audiogram. So I don’t know if you do REM after the in-situ result, whether you should revise your targeted prescription based on the new in-situ result or not.

Hopefully one of the regular professionals on this forum can chime in here to explain how both in-situ and REM can/should be combined or not.


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Does anyone know whether Connexx has in-situ capability?




Yes it does.

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