Hearing test results

Hello everyone,
I’ve posted earlier about my ENT referring me to an audiologist because he believed I migh have a problem with hearing in my right ear after a tymp + reflexes test to check if I have fluid in my ear .

So my audiologist says that my hearing is within normal . But some people say it might be considered “mild hearing loss” I really I have no idea what the results exactly shows

so I’d love to get some feedback .

Ugh I had to edit the post because I forgot to crop the photos .

So now the first one would be from the ENT’s test and the last two are from the audiologist today.

Please tell my what you think.

A little background:
-I have allergies and this was the reason I see my ENT .

  • I have had the feeling of fluid moving in my ear constantly.
  • I have pulse-like tinnitus that’s louder in my left ear . It’s not as bad in my right ear , but I also have normal ringing sound in that ear that I notice at night and when lying down or in quite place.

Anything less than 20dB loss is considered “normal.” In your right ear, you have 25 dB loss at low frequencies (250 and 500 hz). So your left ear would be considered “normal” hearing and you have a slight loss in low frequencies in the right.

I see . My audiologist didn’t even bother to explain the results ,she just wrote a little sentence that it’s normal ! And she ushered me out of the booth and out of the whole office saying that everything is normal , and just held the door for me to leave smh !

I’ll see my ENT on Monday to discuss the results.

The audiologist calling your hearing isn’t “wrong,” but he/she could have had a little more patience.

The “fluid feeling” is likely eustacian tube issue. Especially when dealing with allergies. Try an anti-congestion medicine and see if that helps.

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I’ll discuss this with my ENT as it’s bithering me for way too long.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah I get it , but she should’ve explained the results a bit (with the ear pressure thing) and she didn’t give me the chance to ask about my tinnitus.

Not a problem. I’ve been experiencing the same thing (my ears pop alot when I yawn/open my mouth wide) so it’s similar to your experience.

Depending on your allergy/cause, you could try to find the root cause. For example, I feel like I notice more popping after I eat dairy and then if I don’t it seems to go away.

Actually I have allergic rhinitis. I’m basically allergic to anything with the strong smell (perfumes, cleaners, dust ,flowers…etc) .
This is the problem , I have allergy symptoms all year around .
And the feeling of the water moving in my ear makes me crazy . It would last for days or weeks at a time and then suddenly one night while I’m trying to sleep the water will come out! . And then the cycle will be repeated again and again.

The infections are another story…

Yeah I would recommend an ENT. If you have fluid drainage and feeling versus popping, that would be a very good case for an ENT visit.

I’m seeing one since last year ,but it’s still hard to keep the allergy in control .
And I’m going to see him again on Monday to discuss my hearing test results and allergies .
Thanks again.