Hearing test results help? (conductive loss)

Hello all!

I recently went in to get my hearing tested and to be evaluated for an auditory processing disorder. I have had trouble conversation wise, focusing, localizing and hearing in restaurants all my life. I’ve also had trouble with what I affectionately call “speech dyslexia” I’ll reverse the first letters in word combinations. People also complain that my voice is really “mumbly”. It’s really frustrating to watch people try to understand me! With the exception of my parents and my boyfriend, I’m constantly having to repeat myself. I’m sorry I know this is a lot!

The audiologist could not complete the APD test because of the results of the hearing test. She said that the hearing loss could be presenting itself as APD and not ALONG with APD. I’m having trouble remembering exactly what she said and what the results of the hearing test itself mean :p. I’ve tried reading more online but it doesn’t really mesh up with what I remember. I see some of you posting your hearing levels so I hope it’s okay if I go ahead and do that myself!

    R  /  L

250 15 35
500 15 35
750 10 25
1k 10 15
2k 10 20
4k 0 30
6k 0 15
8k -10 25

also the mep in my left ear was -160 and had a .1 difference in Vol (whatever Vol means)

She said it was conductive hearing loss that a doctor might suggest needs surgery because there weren’t any outright signs of infections. I’m not jumping the gun and freaking out about surgery because I know that these things can be very fickle. The audiologist kind of made it seem like this was going to be a longterm issue after she suggested that I come back after my ENT appt to learn about amplification options for my classes.

I’m more concerned with what I should tell my psychologist who suggested I get these tests in the first place. What do the differences in my ears mean cognitively and attention wise in an environment such as a classroom or restaurant (sp)? Can you have an undetected middle ear problem your ENTIRE life? I guess really…What do these results mean? or your best guess I suppose.

I’m very much aware that my writing doesn’t make sense at times so thanks for hanging in there!

Your right ear audiogram would be considered normal, in fact better then average. Your left is bearly considered to have a loss. If these are you ‘air’ scores, I would not let anyone with a scalpel be cutting up my ear…

Absolutely with you it agree. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.

Not sure about the audiogram but as an advice you should take a second opinion from some other doctor or ENT expert. This will help you understand your situation better and help you make an indormed decision.