Hearing protection

Going to rock and Heavy metal, can anyone suggest
something that offers good protection without totally blocking the music. Plugs vs headset, interested in protection not glamour. See older discussion but looking for new.

The 3M disposable ear plugs, yellow or orange 29db or 33db plugs should do well.

Wearing non-vented double domes on my HA, I asked at my last appointment, would these act as ear plugs for going to a concert (with the HA powered off), they said yes. I’m not sure what the NRR would be on them, but was interesting to hear that as the answer. I’m thinking I might bring a set (or 3) of green Howard Leight ear plugs as well to see what the difference is.

edit: addendum in italics

Plugs plus muffs might be the only way to get levels down to the non damaging point. Rock concerts can hit 140 dB. You are still likely to go over 100 dB.

Any specific plugs? I have Hearos 32 but at possible 140, even 120 not sure enough. Also feel they dont stay in well, thinuking to cut a little

You may want to check this site out. Some claim their plugs are good up to a 29 dB reduction. In absense of a specialized plug I would wear an industrial disposable plus industrial or shooting muffs.

If you can get plugs that fit and stay in that reduces dB by 29-33 you will be fine. Th 3M plugs mentioned earlier are cheap and easy.
Concerts have peak dB but not constant damaging noise.

I’m a musician who used custom fit ear filters for decades. They protected my hearing (loud music didn’t do my hearing in, a misdiagnosed illness did).

Anyway Etymotic and Westone both offer high fidelity ear plugs. The come in one-size-fits-all and also can be made in an audiologist fitted ear mold (that’s the kind I use).

Unlike conventional ear plugs they don’t block out the high frequencies much more than the low ones, it’s more like turning the volume down than putting foam in your ear.

They generally come in 9, 15, and 25 db attenuation levels, I’d recommend 25 for rock concerts.

I have 15 and 25 inserts for my audiologist molds, and with a sound pressure level meter I can determine which one I use.

I think both Westone and Etymotic uses the same technology but offer different styles.

From a musician’s point of view, these are the best for hearing music.




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Thanks much for this helpful information.


When we visit a loud church, we have two sets of these in my wife’s purse, and they work well. They definitely don’t let you hear the full spectrum of music, even though all claim that they do. But for $10 they are worth keeping around: https://amzn.to/33K62eg

Thanks to all, I made a purchase, we have a future concert scheduled for October and I’ll report back. These concerts are VERY LOUD so I decided good protection worth the $$ .

Which plugs did you buy?

Have fun at the concert.

Hearing Aid Supply Shop Westone Tru Universal WM25 Smoke Earplugs, Professional Grade

Sold by: Westone Audio Product question? Ask Seller


Sat was Iron Maiden and Oct “Original Misfits”-- we’re doing that between 2 chamber music concerts

Sounds like a good time.

Nice ear plugs.

You’ll definitely need 25db protection, and the Westone plugs attenuate the highs and lows in almost a flat response curve - in other words it won’t sound like you are listening through a pillow.

Good choice.

I received the plug and am struggling getting the cord attached - how critical is it? Does it fit under the filter ?


I can’t help. I don’t use a cord. I carry a pouch with me and keep it in my pocket so I can take it out and put the plugs in when needed.


Westone and Starkey make musician earplugs for hearing protection. They attenuate all frequencies equally so, supposedly, music is supposed to sound normal.

It helps to make me think the cord is optional. I plan a dry run at home , basically wearing and walking around to check comfort and how secure I feel. Was concerned they easily pop out.

Thanks for the help

That little tab is for pulling them out. The rest of the plug should pretty much be right in your ear canal, so they shouldn’t fall out easily with full insertion.